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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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there is no adequate compensation for this
children of dune - leto 1
...it's hailing.

Dear Texas Weather,

Child and I had plans today. Let me explain. My sister, her husband, her kids, her husband's mother, her husband's mother's partner, and various entities associated with them are coming over today and this being family, there was only one thing that could free me from six long hours of close quarters with that many people and it was Star Trek. Because apparently cultivating a reputation for being antisocial doesn't work nearly as well as staring into people's eyes and saying "Spock. Spock. Spock. Nerve pinch."

[Trufax. Sci-fi actually is my bullet-proof excuse to run away from anything at all. Let us all take a moment and thank God for the tiny, tiny used bookstore in the town closest to where I grew up.]

...it is hailing and raining and apparently there could be a tornado watch? Which you know, I am from Texas, unless the car achieves liftoff, I'm really not going to care, but Star Trek. I am supposed to be at a movie. I am not there because it is hailing. WTF WEATHER?

God I hate you.


[Yes, it's only noon, but if I am visible when people show up, I cannot leave. It's kind of a Schroedinger's cat situation. I can be or not be here, but once I am proved here I cannot be not-here and at Trek. Yes, it took me several minutes to work out how to inject that into this entry.]

Now that that's out of the way, I am glad I didn't bravely hide the novel from myself when I got home but went ahead and read it through. Question--are novelizations considered soft canon still? Because let me say, I was really surprised that at least a couple of things in the novel haven't come up in any reviews I've read yet. Though only one was probably anything I'd notice, mostly because of samdonne the other day.

[This is not a great novel, but I treat movie novelizations as history books rather than entertainment. There are some really weird things done with pov.]

Child absconded with the novel last night when I was done, so doubtless we'll be canon-picking each other for the next ten years. *sighs* At least I will not--again--hear worried questions about Ianto's feelings. He was in a Primeval kick most recently--I have this horrible feeling that there's going to come a point in his pop culture development where all his anecdata will occur in a British accent--so it's nice to share a fandom with my son again.

...hail. I mean. I don't even know what to do with that.

[...my sister is here. This is not my life. This is someone else's life.]

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:-(, but for me mostly, because I'm really looking forward to reading your reaction to the movie.

The novel was--not good--but if the movie is close ot it, I seriously am about to crawl out of my skin. *GLEEE*

The movie is better than the novelisation. TRUST ME. The dvd will have all the bits that got cut out for pacing hopefully, and we can all go completely mental. Also, the script apparently had more Amanda and Spock as he was growing up, that never made it into the film, which makes me sad, but also makes total sense given the shape of the story and the need to keep it moving moving moving.

Ack! No Trek? This is a travesty. You must go. And yes, there are many very interesting things in the novel. Some of them are odd and I decline to include them in my own personal canon, but others of them help make the movie make more sense, so. :-)

Some of them I can tell wouldn't have made it on screen due to being internal, but I did like it as semi-canon of Amanda's maiden name.

I've always generally been "Unless it contradicts canon entirely, it's canonesque". Mostly because god knows, with movies, it's not like there will be more fast, unlike TV. *sighs*

I wish--and I feel weird saying this--that it had been the pilot of a new TV series.

I wish--and I feel weird saying this--that it had been the pilot of a new TV series.

I understand feeling weird - I've had that thought, too. I really don't want to wait for the next movie; I want the series! *cough*

I totally agree, haha. I've been stuck watching my boxed-set Star Trek DVDs and wishing for new material to add to my collection. Star Trek, why must you break my heart so? :( You give me a new movie, and it was good, but now I must wait and wait and wait for another? What is this?

Also: Captain Picard remains the sexiest captain ever. Seriously. It's disturbing how attractive I find him. I don't even know why. At least Kirk is young and has hair, but Picard! <3
But new!young!Kirk is quite sexy, if I do say so myself. Mmm. And Chekov! Ahaha.

Ack! No! I'm probably going to see it today and I was looking forward to the epic share of squee! [sighs] Well, maybe Jeff'll continue napping on the floor and we'll go tomorrow.

[shakes fists at Texas weather] Curse you, Aquascum!


I could go, but part if it is taking my niece, who is seven, and her mother won't let her go in this weather (and seriously, I can't blame her, when Child was that age, I could be weird over him wandering off on slick hail-y roads). So it will clear, or tomorrow afternoon is workable.

*tells self this carefully*

I just drove like hell for home, because those black clouds were not there when I headed out this morning. Hope all those happy people in their pretty graduation dressses and shoes have a contingency plan.

(Aside: in my previous town, the Century Theater was half underground, you went in the back of each of the theaters and then worked your way down the stairs to the front. Excellent place to be in a tornado.)

Ooh. That would be perfect.

So, you think it's worth it to buy the book. I can get in on Kindle, so I wonder.

Jenn, you have no idea how much you brighten my day. :) thank you!

Hm, all it did here was rain like hell from early morning until just a few minutes ago. (We got all the hail last time, thankyouverymuch). I'll be at the 4:40 show at the Galaxy Highland 10 if you get free!

Because let me say, I was really surprised that at least a couple of things in the novel haven't come up in any reviews I've read yet.

This sounds interesting! Care to elaborate?

At least I will not--again--hear worried questions about Ianto's feelings.

Can I point out how adorable Child is? Seriously. How can you not love a kid that asks those questions.

The novelisation is.... very much not the film in terms of tone mostly. Also in the way that 90% of the dialogue is different, and there are a lot of scenes extended solely for the sake of padding the wordcount. However, the unabridged audiobook is worth it for Quinto doing Chekov and Scotty's voices. Seriously.

You know... it stormed down here. Thank God the Hail stayed up there because my window won't roll up... and balls of icy hell in the car would not end well.

Also, Hail is the sky's way of laughing at you.

have you heard the audiobook of the novelization done by zachary quinto? he does it all in spock voice. it is both amazing and hilarious. especially the scene with the orion chick and kirk.

I think the weather gods listened to you as it has been so beautiful this week... hope you've had chance to enjoy it

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