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in which i am totally not bitter

I'm really tempted, for the sake of my sanity, to open a post for everyone who will see Star Trek (the Reboot) but hasn't yet, so we can all be bitterly jealous together and I'm not tempted to destroy small worlds and all my friends who have seen it.

In lieu of actually doing that, I had this great idea to to run over to alt.startrek.creative and ASCEML and see what everyone is saying. Because in the end, that's where I started in fandom, and I also started fandom in Trek, so lo, I wanted to return to my forefathers and also see if anyone posted fic there, and also because I wanted to see what the official acronym and pairing codes and code hierarchy were going to be.

Seriously, if you have never lived in a fandom where that was all decided by community to standard and you got to use single letter designators for each half of your pairing and everyone knew what it meant....well, my friend, you have not yet lived. I miss that. Holy God, do I miss that.

[For the record, I read Stephen's idea of ST:TOR and seriously feel that is the most awesome thing ever.]

Wait, I got off-topic.

I started with ASCEML and then went to ASC. Granted, I may have missed a page or so, but color me surprised that so far, the reactions are wildly divergent from what I expected.

I am going to toss this out there--

Sure, it is not Star Trek, but have you seen John Sheppard? I lost that.

So ASC, you surprise me.

But okay, I went in the course of three posts from wincing in sympathy for the TOSsers and suddenly, inexplicably deciding I hate TOS which is like hating my own soul, because holy. God. I get the hatred! I am still calling Stargate Universe SG90210!

[Unironically, someone in ASC called this Star Trek 90210. Let me say, well done.]

Predictability doesn't necessarily make it any less irritating or rage inducing when condescending meets smug and picks up pseudo-intellectualism for a threesome and calls itself a post about Star Trek purity and the evils of the soulless whippersnappers. I mean, I hate that. It's actually this--okay, this is one of my issue places of buttonness. I don't know why, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't the newsgroups, but it took me five and a half seconds to go from zero to DIAF IN A VOYAGER SHUTTLE because I've kind of wondered how that would work with shuttles in vacuum and they lost an awful lot of shuttles.

It's also like every damn argument I hate in fandom.

Also, seriously, I feel bad for any new Trek people wading in there. Of the three or four posts on the movie, all of the conversation threads are really, really unpleasant, with minimal bright spots. Not a squeezone.

[Actually, if anyone found a squee zone over there, link plz? that was just depressing.]

ETA: I forgot to say, ASCEML does have some squee doing it's squee there. I am seriously hoping for old school positivity on the new Trek because some of those writers are amazing.
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