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The Toybox

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parenting fail but funny
children of dune - leto 1
Child came in to ask me if he can stay up an hour late since he was such a good boy today, yadda yadda yadda. In between his pleading and my rote "No, go to bed, no, go to bed" child casually stepped into a pair of black leather flats I had in the floor, straps dangling around his instep as he continued his argument, pacing to and fro before my bed in pretty black shoes while wearing nothing but his bedtime boxers and a t-shirt and his hair still wet from the shower.

They fit him really well.

He got thirty minutes. He wandered out of my room, pleased and wearing my shoes. That's actually worth an hour after bedtime, tbh.

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So, did he keep the shoes on for the entire half hour? Hee.

I love stories about Child. He seems to be an awesome kid.

I too get a kick out of readind stories about the Child. And I hope any of my future spawn is even half as cool.

Though, I got to ask, did he keep the shoes? =D

Oh, he's playing you soooo very well. Loved the shoes.

It's important that he learn those foundational life lessons early, such as 'cross-dressing will get you half of everything you want'.

Child is pretty awesome.

I love Child. You, too, but whenever he shows up he just makes me grin madly.

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