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saturday merlin recs

In honor of it being Saturday and also some small but significant triumphs in coding my DW style...

Merlin porn recs!

Stripped by [info]shinetheway, Merlin/Arthur - sequel to Wild Magic, in which Merlin and Arthur are in the woods. As happens. And have a very good time.

Quivering by b_hallward, Merlin/Arthur - dirty talk, hallways, and yeah. They also have a very good time.

Spoils of War by [info]casspeach, Merlin/Arthur, AU - so Arthur conquers Ealdor and tries to do that entire ravishing thing. It's hot and adorable and funny. Arthur's a lousy attempted ravisher and Merlin's a terrible victim. It's like fate, even.

ETA: Okay, the crossposting is awesome when it can do that with the usernames. *glee*
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