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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1
I have Dreamwidth invite codes, er, five I think? Just comment here for one.

(Clarifying as it is morning and coffee is not clearing.)

ETA: Three Two One left.

Thank you for playing! Hope you enjoy!

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Ooh - do you have them or are you looking for them? If you have them, can I have one please?

Yes! *beams* Send your email addy to seperis@gmail.com and I'll do the invite now!

*facepalm* NM, I have your email already. invite sent! Tell me if it gets to you okay.

!!! Just received it (on my phone which was vaguely hi-tech and big-brother-ish until I realised it was synching via the wifi network [headdesk]).

Thank you!

May I please have one as well?

Email addy? Email your address to seperis@gmail.com.

Oh could I please have one? girlie.jones@gmail.com

Ooh, I wouldn't mind one. askmehow @ gmail.com

I'd like one, if you still have it! :)

I still have some, if anyone still wants one.

Yes please, I'd like a code.

Nola999 at cox.net

Sorry, they're all gons. :-(

If you don't mind? funnyvalentine1520@yahoo.com

Sorry, that was a while ago today. :-(

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