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my angst is a very fangirl class angst
children of dune - leto 1
To take a break from current plotting about our post-non-kosher-hotdog flu lives in a technopunk universe (again, internet, no running water--save your engineers for the love of God), I hit again the fact that no matter how much you love an author, or love a story you read by them, reading all their fic will never, ever end well. It has nothing to do with quality--it has to do with quirks, and this holds true with professionals as well as fanfic writers. Which is why I restrict myself on reading pros and never, ever making the mistake of ordering or reading more than two books by a single author a year unless they are in vastly different genres (and that does not work with Stephen King at all).

[Exceptions for series, but even then, do them all at once fast. No delay.]

It's the quirk thing.

Every author has them. In fanfic, where we stay in fandom and have certain key subjects we like to gnaw on, it can be (but not always) much, much worse. It's more than view of a character, or plot, or whatever. It can be actual sentence construction. One author, and I don't remember, who, had this horrible habit of never splitting her infinitives. I know that's theoretically proper grammar (or Latin applied to English, whatever), but it reads awkward when applied to too much dialogue. Reading as part of many authors work is better, as it spreads out the concentration. But say, and I mean this, I flinch when I think of anyone newly discovering Smallville and trying to hit all ninety-something stories I wrote in the fandom, because I get irritated with my quirks on re-reading and that has to grate. Heck, even limiting to 2002 work where I was really grooving in exercising a change in style and that's like, grounds for shooting me.

Remixes were the time I first realized I could (temporarily) hate an author forever because I had to read all their work to find something to remix, but I've been in the middle of a moody spell of moodiness and ran back to Harry Potter and hit an author who was really good. Then I read half her published work and kind of wnat to kill Draco over a slow fire. It's not pretty.

This is a long way to ask, and I know I am taking my life in my hands, if anyone has any recs for Harry/Draco written by someone who doesn't hate Harry? For variety's sake. I don't mind him turning evil or anything. I mind him spending more than five paragraphs angsting how he has destroyed Draco's fragile soul by not loving him enough. Or something.

(In other words, I'm stuck on this Merlin fic and I can't read anything Merlin until I'm unstuck or I'll accidentally pick up something from someone else and not even notice. Or stop writing it. This is physically painful. I hate not being able to read in my own damn fandom.)

Conversely, any Merlin RPS would be appreciated as well. I think it's safe to read that.

blythely's politics au/future fics are immense fun if somewhat cracky - her fic lj is byblythe.

and huh, really? I have no problem with reading whole bunches of fic or published works by the same author - but then I've been known to read an entire series of books week by week, and used to read comics a lot.

Everyone is reccing everything I came to rec! So yes anything by byblythe is wonderful. I can't decide if I love Currency (one of my favorite things about Currency is that they're all grown up, there's no petty little high school... crap coming over into the adult world for the most part) or Corridors of Power more. That being said she has a very distinctive style so you'll probably want to read one now and save one for later?

Although all this not being able to read it all is very confusing as I tend to gulp it all down and then mourn if there's no more. *sadface*

Er, I assume you've read Gatewaygirl's stuff? Snakes and Lions is one of my fave Harry/Draco fics (just in case you haven't, don't read the last chapter - you have to ignore that and move on to the Extended Ending) Her novel Blood Magic is my fave fic in the fandom, but it's not slash, it's Snape turning out to be Harry's dad.

In fact, now I think I have to go read one or both of them *loses a day*

I have to second the Blood Magic rec - I adore that fic. And there is Harry/Draco flirting and Harry is intelligent and sneaky and fun. For once.

One author, and I don't remember, who, had this horrible habit of never splitting her infinitives. I know that's theoretically proper grammar (or Latin applied to English, whatever), but it reads awkward when applied to too much dialogue.

And then you get someone like C. J. Cherryh, whose style makes ever so much more sense once you find out that she taught high school Latin for many many years. (The ablative absolute is alive and well on Downbelow Station.)

I was just going to mention her on the 'quirky style' subject, though it wouldn't necessarily stop me from reading several in quick succession. (Just speeding through her latest now in fact.) The other SF writer who seems to get more rarified and mannered, not to say quirky, with every book I read is Janny Wurts.

no matter how much you love an author, or love a story you read by them, reading all their fic will never, ever end well. Ugh. It's sad how true that is. I think that to a certain point, finding those quirks and recognising them is almost fun--as in, oh I'm so into this author, I GET THEM SO WELL, that I can totally sense how they're gonna write something before they even WRITE it. But that never really lasts long, and then come the irritations. I'm always a bit wary of truly liking the works of prolific writers, because I know I wouldn't read it all, and that just sort of feels like a waste/shame. Like you can't possibly like them THAT much if you haven't read everything, which is bs, yes, but it still feels like that :P THOUGH ANYWAY, yes, I know what you mean. There's probably one author out there who I could read no matter what, which is--not a lot, if you consider how many writers you can say you love and mean it. YEP.

if anyone has any recs for Harry/Draco written by someone who doesn't hate Harry? How gross would it be to self-pimp at this stage? Oh wells. Can't lose if you don't try. AND LOSING IS MY FAV. Link! It's Harryhate free :D At least on Harry's part. Or. Well. The thing--I--

*shuts up now*

Re: RPS. OH, anything by spiny! Heartbreaking, some of it, but nggh. So good. This one is also very, very sweet, as is this one. ORANGES! BATHS! BOYS! ♥ And, what the heck, have already whored myself out once, can't hurt to do it again--:O

If it makes you feel any better, I was totally going to recommend your epic RPS with no title, only I decided to look in the comments first.

So, basically, what she said, and I'll toss in coffeejunkii's And Nobody Wears a Crown, because Irish names are confusing, and I really should be writing a paper for my contemporary Irish poetry class.

Um, Eclipse by PhoenixSong found @ http://www.fictionalley.org/authors/phoenixsong/eclipse.html

is looooooooooong and still one of my faves for rereading even if I haven't swam in the HP fandom for a few years.

I've only started reading RPS.

Here's one that I thought was hilarious.

http://auroraprimavera.livejournal.com/31341.html - Colin & Bradley's LJs by Author: AURORAPRIMAVERA –

mad_martha's The Lodger for believable Harry/Draco. It was written a while ago so isn't canon compliant past book 4 and isn't explicit, but it is very well written. Part one is here : http://marthas-library.livejournal.com/4835.html

(Deleted comment)
You are *deeply* aweosme. Thank you!

See, I'm totally the opposite, at least with books. I *love* finding a new author and then reading their entire backlist in a matter of days. I tend to submerge myself in a happy author haze and only come up for air when I've finished. I read the first nine Dresden Files books in four days, and two weeks ago, I read all of Karen Rose's books.

I mean, yes, occasionally I find somebody who tends to hit more annoying buttons as I go on, but overall, a serious author glom is a happy, happy thing for me. In fact, for comfort, I'll usually read the entire backlist again (like I did with Charlaine Harris and Simon Green's Nightside series last week).

But I agree with you on the fanfic. It definitely needs to be more spaced out.

Will look at H/D favorites folder and find favorites.

Okay, these are some of my top favorite H/D fics - the ones I read over and over and over. And you know I hate stories where one of the main characters is a dick. All of the links clustered together are a series and should be read in order of link:





http://www.skyehawke.com/archive/story.php?no=10046 - Tomorrow series by novembersnowflake


http://www.fanfiction.net/s/913550/1/The_Metamorphosis_of_Narcissus - yes, these are on ff.net, but they're also by aesc!

And Underwater Light, of course. If you haven't read it yet and need a copy, let me know.

*makes note to look into HAM radio internet transmission methods*


Okay. I read Harry/Draco for 9 years. I've got so many bookmarks/tags/stories saved I'd been here for days listing them. Can you narrow your request down a little? Or are you just looking for our personal favorites? By narrow I guess I mean do you want something more specific than just not hating Harry or wimpy Harry?


Anything by beren_writes is gold! I love her corruption series.

Just finished rereading The Domino Effect by jameschick_fic watch the warnings! but it's brief. The story, overall, was excellent and a touch scary when you think about it too hard. An almost dark!harry story.

For something a little more angsty, try this one: Precious by ladyvader

If you want something longer with adventure, I'm sure you've read it, but Eclipse by Mijan.

For an older story, (translation: I haven't read it since 2003) try Reverso. I saved as one I enjoyed at the time, but I honestly can't tell you much about it. Sorry. (It's been a few years)

I really don't know which ones to recommend. *sighs* I have too many.

I was trying to find stuff that I didn't think you would have read, but wow, isn't that a challenge. lol

EDIT: Forgot to preview. I'm still learning. :(

Edited at 2009-04-28 03:58 pm (UTC)

I haven't read a lot. Maybe twenty? And I barely remember those.

Harry/Draco and yeah, basically, authors who like both characters. Though I admit a (hidden liking) for Harry going to the dark side occasionally.

I rather like to read everything someone has written at once, actually. I hear you about quirks and style, though; I have a friend whose writing I recognize even anonymous and vice versa.

blythe's Corridors of Power, AU, humor, amazing.
I do not remember who recced me this, so if it was you ... um, sorry.

For the Public Good by blamebrampton is a funny politically inclined story.

The Simple Joy of Living by mahaliem is just funny. I laugh every time I read it.

I like humor with my drama because straight-up H/D angst makes me want to go back to SGA crackfic.

When I was in the HP fandom (years ago) I'm not sure the Harry hate had started yet. Or at least not that I noticed. I only really remember 2 stories as standing out as being wonderful.

The first was the classic fans used to convert everybody back in the day so maybe you've read it. Rhysenn's Irresistible Poison which is about love potions and allegedly inspired the 'handcuffs' part of the ship name 'guns and handcuffs'. You can find it here: http://rhysenn.morethanart.org/ip/

The second is by Ari Munami, and set in the far future of the HPverse, a mystery around love letters and the search to find out exactly who wrote them. A lovely original character and a quite believable story from a historicists standpoint (I think). You can find it here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1176023/1/The_Lightning_Letters

I have no Harry/Draco recs because I haven't read Harry/Draco in a bajillion years (fangirl time) - since the Cassie Claire thing happened, I think! But I know exactly what you mean about authorial quirks, in fanfic and published fiction. I haven't been able to read the entire ouvre of one author at a go since I was a teenager, and I'm getting more and more sensitive to it over the years -- in fact, it's to the point where authorial style is nearly as important to me as the other elements in the book (and wears on me very quickly). I'm currently about 5 or 6 chapters into the first Eion Culfer book I've ever read (the Artemis Fowl guy, though it's not one of that series) and I'm finding his writing style so utterly obnoxious that I doubt I'll make it through the book -- sentence fragments, erratic pacing and a "chatty" narrative style that makes me want to take the author's keyboard away.


But I know just what you mean about enjoying a writer's work at first, and then getting less and less enamored of it as you become more familiar with their quirks and plots and particular twists of characterization -- and, yeah, it's about a thousand times worse in fanfic than in published fiction, partly, I guess, because fanfic is mostly variations on a theme, and most authors prefer one theme and don't vary it much at all.


I completely second your assessment of Colfer. I spent a very enjoyable few years writing Artemis Fowl fanfic, and my group of Colfer-found friends all *hated* Colfer more than I've ever seen a fandom hate it's creator. The number of times we wrote collective letters listing all of his faults and why we hated him was... well, a lot. He also had the innocence to create canon clonecest, so we mostly forgave his idiocy because it was just too much fun. If you haven't gotten to some of his more brain-melting faults yet, my six year old brother has a better sense of humour than Colfer, because Colfer still thinks that fart, phlegm and barf jokes are funny.