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update to the end of life as we know it

Yes, it has come to this:

The European Union's health commissioner Monday called on people to avoid traveling to both Mexico and the United States as health officials around the world worked to contain what appears to be a spreading swine flu outbreak.

Though notice the lack of--say, oh...Canada? Yeah, you can travel there, despite the fact that they had six so-called mild cases of this non-kosher-hotdog-ish flu (let's all thank deadlychameleon who redubbed swine flu to non-kosher hotdog flu due to it not being totally swine and let's just all admit it, somehow, still better than calling it swine flu). SIX CASES.

So. We've been isolated and left to die. Left to die. I am so betrayed by France. They gave us a statue! (of Liberty!) And fries! And some rather pricey manicures!

It's all very confusing. I still don't want to be sacrificed beyond Thunderdome to the Elder Gods, however. Let's just all take that as a given while we mull an impending low-tech future where we'll all be forced to use dial-up to access the internet, because let me be frank. I will give up running water before I give up the internet, so let's all concentrate on saving the electrical engineers and the people who maintain the mainframes, kay? We can rediscover indoor plumbing when we're sure network access will not be lost.

...would it be wrong to cough loudly around people who try to talk to me at work today? *curious*
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