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my phone is my life

Things I Am Trying To Do

Pry myself away from Arthur, my phone. There's a vague certainty in my mind that being more than four feet from it will cause my sudden and untimely death through withdrawal.

So far I have--downloaded apps, become a junkie for fucking solitaire again, rediscovered sudoku on a touchscreen (yeah, this will end well), added bookmarks for all my favorite sites, and learned to type very quickly with my thumbs. I think I can do anything with this phone and a good head start. Or a small head start.

However, what I am not using it for is phone calls. There are two listed. Both exist because I needed to know my phone number and it was easiest to call the landline to get it. I'll be honest here; I am not a phone person. Basically, if I could have grafted a phone capability onto my Nintendo DS, I'd be using that. but luckily, someone grafted on a gamestation on a phone and I can compromise like that. So you know, I give up having any kind of healthy relationship with technology. Currently, I'm trying to convince myself that the recession does not demand that I buy a new laptop to help with consumer spending (and so I can get both a solid state hard drive and name it Merlin to bring all my tech into my new fandom), and let me tell you, John II is not happy (he is the current laptop).


I have no idea how to review something that I'm desperately in love with and want to marry in some kind of exotic ceremony on the Galapados islands (so Child can visit with the turtles or tortoises or something after the wedding; I'm an awesome parent like that). But. Here is what I have learned.

1.) It's remarkably easy to think of it less as a phone and more as an extension of your body that someone cruelly amputated from you at birth, and by God, when you find out who authorized that shit....

2.) I cannot make the bluetooth work. I mean, it makes sense. John II and Arthur aren't compatiable. Different fandoms. Not sure about the crossover potential. They both open their networks and pair up okay, but there's no connection if you get my drift. However, all is not lost--the USB cord seems to act as an adequate conduit between them and they feel less dirty sharing music files and embarrassing photographs. It's like technogay panic with my tech. I wonder if John II is still upset about losing my last phone? Cause really, he needs to move on, already.

3.) There are many hundreds of time-wasting applications out there. I feel I should try as many as possible.

4.) I can growl really terrifyingly. I didn't see that coming. Nor, I think, did the sister who picks up my soulmate and tries to do things to him.

Things I Can't Do Yet

1.) Move things on my main screen. When I add shortcuts, they toss themselves onto teh screen willy-nilly with no order or sense of balance. This is kind of slowly but surely driving me insane. HOw do I arrange my tiny icons? Yay jooniper_pearl! WHO BRINGS SANITY TO MY SCREEN!

2.) How to use this for world conquest. I am working on that though.
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