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The Toybox

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let me introduce my new soulmate
children of dune - leto 1
You may not be aware that I sadly lost my phone in a tragic accident involving turning it off on the plane and then forgetting about it. So it is possibly in Ohio. It was hard.

HOWEVER! There is a new phone in my life.

T-Mobile G1 who has been named Arthur, and go ahead and think all the dirty thoughts you want. He contains multitudes, and lets me surf the internet with a tiny keyboard. My parents surprised me with it today (well, told me yesterday, but trust me, you cannot not be surprised when they say "shiny phone" and it is the answer to your innermost fantasies about never being separated from the internet again).

I'm so infatuated.


I always name my tech for my fandom.

(I can browse the web. I still cannot figure out how to get music onto it from my computer. BUT I WILL PREVAIL.)

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(Deleted comment)
...it's hard not to pet it.

*jerks hand back from smooth case*

I am craving one too! As soon as they become available in Belgium and as soon as I find a job, this will be the first investment I'll make. \o/

Man, it is beautiful. And fast. And beautiful.

*purrs over it*

I think this is the phone my brother has. Is this the one that you can scan barcodes with and it tells you what the product is, the average retail price and where you can buy one? He could use his phone to take over a small country. I love my Blackbarry Curve, but I would totally cheat on it with his phone.

Edited at 2009-04-24 02:42 am (UTC)

I'm this close to an embarrassing episode with my phone now.

(Deleted comment)
*grins* Arthur. He likes it.

(Deleted comment)
YES IT IS. I was adding in all my favorite bookmarks and trying not to stroke it too much. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL.

And I have the USB connected. Going now to try out the mounting and the dragging.

Arthur. Mounted.

God, I don't even WATCH Merlin and that made me giggle.

I love my G1. It is shiny and tiny and perfect.

(Deleted comment)
I keep cuddling it. I wish I could find that disturbing, but I do not.

I've had my blackberry for eight months now, and I keep on expecting that eventually it's awesomeness will not seem so awesome, but it hasn't yet. So I am excited on your behalf. Phone computers are awesome.


May a stranger enquire what the fandom name of the phone you left on the plane was? (Do forgive me, but it all seemed terribly symbolic!)

You know, I think when I first got it, Rodney, but me and cell phones have a very troubled relationship and I think I was calling it "Thing" near the end.

Troubled relationships become immensely better when they come with internet access, though. *mulls* There's a life lesson in that.

Heh heh heh -- I haven't actually named my cellphone for a while, but I thought it was symbolic when I changed out my Blackberry's desktop wallpaper from this pic to this one.

Have you looked through the apps yet?

Dude, seriously, there's one where you get to smoosh people.

I honestly wish I hadn't upgraded to a blackberry; because web surfing on G1 so much better.

Edit: There's also a zombie one where you drive around and escape zombies... and an escape the room game....

My sister nearly kills me everytime I kidnap hers

...I really need zombies

I've been dying for a G1 since they came out. I am so jealous! I have a Sidekick, which is pretty awesome, but not as awesome as the G1.

I name all my tech after fandom too. My new laptop is Ianto, cos he knows everything. My old one was Rodney. My Sidekick is Mr. Jones. My external harddrive is The TARDIS, cos it's bigger on the inside.

I find it strange when people don't name their tech

It is very, very pretty.

OH! You MUST give me G1 info, because I have to go to grad school and be a real grownup and get off my parents' cell plan in the next couple months and since the federal government felt the need to pay me a month's salary (this is actually not very much), I can buy a shiny, shiny phone and I've been waffling between iPhone and G1 but leaning towards G1. ...and hi, I'm doublehelix, and I love your fic.

I'm very happy with my Blackberry, which is similar in terms of having Internetz in my Pocket functionality. Mostly. Sometimes it gets cranky, but I get my e-mail, can get to my bank accounts online and can even read LJ.

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