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let me introduce my new soulmate

You may not be aware that I sadly lost my phone in a tragic accident involving turning it off on the plane and then forgetting about it. So it is possibly in Ohio. It was hard.

HOWEVER! There is a new phone in my life.

T-Mobile G1 who has been named Arthur, and go ahead and think all the dirty thoughts you want. He contains multitudes, and lets me surf the internet with a tiny keyboard. My parents surprised me with it today (well, told me yesterday, but trust me, you cannot not be surprised when they say "shiny phone" and it is the answer to your innermost fantasies about never being separated from the internet again).

I'm so infatuated.


I always name my tech for my fandom.

(I can browse the web. I still cannot figure out how to get music onto it from my computer. BUT I WILL PREVAIL.)
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