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it's like the special edition guide to nightmares
children of dune - leto 1
Gakked from Fyrdrakken:

Top 10 Films That Traumatise Small Children and 10 Great Children's Books For People Who Hate Their Children

I'm going to make a point about the movies one, since the books one is just laughable.

Watership fucking Down - if you are like me and saw that shit during the impressionable pre-eight-years-old age, you might have come out of it with a strong terror of a.) mist and b.) life. Who the hell gives that to a kid to watch? Network TV, that's who. I mean, if I was going to ever say "What makes me unable to watch a horror movie or anything involving fog", this movie is the reason. I cannot talk about this rationally because I do not remember any of it but I remember terror, and despair, and a general feeling that the world not only sucked, but it would only get worse from here on out.

People. I cannot read the book. I have looked at it and felt my entire body twitch in sheer horror. And I remember the opening sequence and the ears and the legs and how the entire world was out to kill them. Kill them all. Adn by them, I mean, me, because I was below-eight and lookie there, I identified with the small, soft creature being everyone's dinner.


The Secret of NIMH (not listed in top 11) - to this day, I still can't comprehend anyone sane put that in a movie theatre for anyone below the age of fifteen. I have the children's edition book somewhere. Again, let me point out, I cannot remember any of it. But I remember watching, and I remember fear. Overwhelming fear.

Agree with their list? Disagree? I have a couple of others that doubtless I'll be flashbacking to over the next few days. I mean, Bambi hurt, and Ole Yeller hurt, but just looking at The Dark Crystal is stirring things deep in my psyche that may mean yes, I did see that, and there are very good reasons I do not remember it.

Yes, yes, yes, my mood is indeed distressed.


ETA 2: Right, so I've just--helped everyone relive their traumatic childhood media experiences. Um. You're welcome? IT'S NOT LIKE I WILL BE SLEEPING EITHER OKAY?

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The Never Ending Story and Willy Wonka both scarred me for life when I was kid. Oh, and also Bambi, which, btw, is not a great movie for a kid who was raised by a single mother.

Oh man. I am so glad I didn't watch Neverending Story. I'll keep it that way.

Oh, jeebus. I haven't read the articles yet as I'm on my way out the door, but you are so on the money with Watership Down. Tears and terror. That's all a young child stands to gain from that movie.

There is nothing you can take from that movie but the horror that is life as a helpless creature.

I didn't even make it through the Dark Crystal. Things started crumbling into dust, and I started crying and that was just IT, thank you very much. And the Never Ending Story is just seriously messed up.

I think ET should be on that list as well though. Apparently I had a nervous breakdown in the movie theatre midway through that one, once the scientists got him. *shudder*

Oh god, I still can't watch ET.

I have read the vast majority of books on that list. I feel this probably says something about me, but I'm not sure I want to know what.

...oh wow, they exist? *twitch* I am--kind of terrified.

Huh. That kind of stuff never bothered me. Death and destruction and depression were all fine with me! But I was known to hide behind my mother whenever something hit my embarrassment squick - like, you know, someone being caught doing something they shouldn't, which, alas, happens all too frequently in children's books and films. *g* (And no one ever warns for that! *grumbles*)

*pets* I was never thrilled with that either, though it developed later.

Duuuuuude.....Watership Down......I don't think I'll ever forget those rabbits and the blood. That pretty much messed me up....well that and IT. To this day I hate Clowns....I have issues with McDonalds especially if there is a clown anywhere near one. And lord old Ronald McDonlad commercials? I keep waiting for him to turn to the camera with a balloon and say.."They float...we all flaot down here"...*gah*...*shudders*. That movie worked me over and I saw it when I was between 10-12.

Bad spelling 'cause I'm still having the shivers?....I HAZ IT!

I watched both NIMH and Watership Down when I was quite little and loved them a lot, but then my parents watch late night horror movies with me. What scared me silly was some kind of B-movie horror with a mummy coming to life and some creeping hand. I was terrified of that. I liked many movies on that list when I was a kid. Actually all that I have seen, except the Neverending Story, because the book was so much better.

The first horror movie I ever saw was "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" on cable. We were at my great-aunt's house and she insisted on me watching it. I was probably..I dunno..six. I grew up watching the Freddy movies, but I can't STAND horror movies now.

I think it was Blair Witch Project that did it, sadly.

Dude. PETER PAN. Or rather, Hook I think was possibly more traumatic depending on how old you were when you watched it.

To this day I have a scorpion phobia caused by the execution of the pirate in the beginning. Who thinks "let's make a kids movie that shows someone being locked in a box we drop a bunch of scorpions in"? I blame most of my bug phobia on that movie.

Fox and the FUCKING Hound. OMG. I cried for HALF AN HOUR after that. People were giving me dirty looks as my mother tugged me through the mall to the car. I couldn't stop! It was so sad! "We'll always be friends forever" and then they try to KILL EACH OTHER!!!



To this day I can't look at the videocassette of The Neverending Story without feeling absolute terror. The (probably badly animated, but heck no I am never going to check) giant black wolf with glowing green eyes at the end? Stuff of nightmares.

The booklist just makes me thankful that the most traumatizing thing I read as a child was Wuthering Heights. I have no idea why ANYONE would recommend that be placed in the children's classics area. Thanks for the memories, Penguin Classics.

And as for Watership Down... I couldn't get through that either. Way too sad.

Or maybe I was more traumatized by Beth's death in Little Women because she was all "I always felt I was meant to die because I have no life goals!"

Freaked me right out.

WATERSHIP DOWN. It still terrifies me when I watch it. SO why do I watch it? I don't know.

WHEN ARTEX DIES in Never Ending Story I pretty much cry all over the place.

... Let's not even touch the Dark Crystal. I think you're better off not remembering.

I am so glad I never saw Neverending Story. Just hearing everyone talk about it is freaking me out.

I must've been a very strange child. (Okay, so I totally was.) Bambi, The Dark Crystal, Willy Wonka, hell, even Dumbo never bothered me. But I had nightmares for weeks after seeing the last ten minutes of Star Trek: Wrath of Khan (I was terrified I was going to die of radiation poisoning) and, bizarrely, the same effect from a random episode of St. Elsewhere where a doctor has a heart attack and falls in the snow. Because I thought I was going to die from hypothermia.

(And I have totally not grown out of it. I rented Shaun of the Dead on DVD and had to sleep with the lights on.)

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(Deleted comment)
Maybe I'm a total freak, but I watched The Dark Crystal, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, The NeverEnding Story, and Willy Wonka as a child and not only wasn't phased in the slightest I gleefully rewatched--a lot. I can't remember any of The Secret of NIMH either, but I remember liking it.

I've somehow managed to never see Bambi to this day, but the rest of them didn't make any particular impression one way or the other.

Me too. I saw and liked all of those. The only movie that really freaked me out as a little kid was an obscure SF movie called Darkstar. I barely remember the film, but I remember bits of the nightmares I had about it.

And then I got creeped out for two days after watching monsters coming up out of the ground in Tremors, though that's kind of embarrasing since it's basically a monster movie parody and I was twelve.

Oh god, watership down. I could not watch that through as a kid, since I had always had rabbits myself.

But animated movies are so very rarely for children, it's laughable. I remember only vaguely being around 8-10 and watching tv after school or on the weekends and the films/shows were just about how humans were cruel and abused their pets, animals they didn't like and children died protecting their wolves from the cold. (*sob* that scene is forever burned in my head as the father stumbles out and sees his son lying across his dog, with burning high fever and NOT SURVIVING THE NIGHT)

I probably blocked out large parts of those movies but CERTAIN SCENES just stay with you *shudder*. And thinking back I keep wondering who thought: oh yeah, that's totally child-appropriate story-content.

oh Good God, I remember those damn afterschool shows. Who the hell picked those things out?