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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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in continuing wtfery
children of dune - leto 1
I don't think I've used LJ Support more than once, and it was solved fairly easily, but the one I did regarding the vanishing replies is suddenly been recategorized from Entries to Abuse and made private.

...does that mean anything? Or just that they couldn't find a technical reason, so are seeing if it was Something Dodgy?

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Just to let you know, this isn't flocked.

...the saddest part is, I forgot I even wanted to flock it. and now I'm not sure why I thought I wanted to.

Thank you!

I've done that many, many times. :)

Anyway, you're welcome. I just wanted to make sure that you knew, just in case.

…I think this is when you realize it really is a conspiracy, and they really are out to get you.

Now would be a good time to glance over any recent entries to make sure you haven't accidentally used any keywords, like "dirty bomb", or "cyanide", "official presidential visit", or "KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL!"

Well now a search engine will find those keywords!

Well, I never said I was any good at giving helpful advice...

don't hyperventilate :)

"Oh god," Merlin whispered, and fell over, ropes binding him at hand and foot digging into his skin. He barely felt it. His heart was pounding in his chest, and he couldn't breathe, everything suddenly felt too tight, and he was sweating and too cold at the same time. "Oh god, oh god. No. Arthur..."

The panic was everywhere, everything. He couldn't think.

Arthur knew.

Arthur stared at him with flat, furious eyes, still on his knees, stared at the bandits dead with the burns of the lightning still vivid on their bodies. Eleven of them, dead with a single strike. One of them still had the knife he had been holding to Arthur's throat.

"Arthur," Merlin whispered, and Arthur closed his eyes. His face was expressionless.

"Let me go," Arthur said, very calmly, and Merlin made the rope around his wrists and ankles and upper arms fall away. He didn't remove his own. Arthur stood, and picked up the knife at his feet.

"Arthur," Merlin said again, almost a moan, but he didn't move as Arthur moved towards him, still graceful despite five hours tied hand and foot. He lay where he'd fallen, twisted half on his side, and stared at Arthur's boots as he approached.

Arthur knelt beside him, and Merlin closed his eyes. Arthur grabbed his arm and tugged him closer, and Merlin squeezed his eyes tigher, struggling to stay quiet. He should fight, he thought dimly. Fight what was about to happen. Say something, reason with him, run away, take the knife away, something. Anything.

Merlin did nothing, and said nothing, and let Arthur move him as he pleased. Arthur said nothing either, and his hands were not gentle.

When Merlin felt the knife blade, he couldn't help himself; he flinched. The sawing motion almost made him fight for his freedom, but the absence of pain made him freeze, and he realized that Arthur was cutting the rope.

When he was free, Arthur pulled him around into a rough, clumsy embrace. Merlin clung to him, numb hands fumbling gracelessly at Arthur's tunic. He buried his face in Arthur's shoulder, and Arthur stroked his back, slowly, carefully.

"It's all right," Arthur said, after a very long time, during which Merlin had regained some composure, but still hadn't let go of Arthur. Arthur hadn't let go of Merlin, either. The place where he'd kissed Merlin's neck burned, softly. "It will be all right, Merlin. Don't be afraid."

"But now you know," Merlin whispered, unable to lift his head, unable to look at Arthur. Afraid of what he'd see in Arthur's face. He thought about the men Arthur has arrested for his father, and felt sick inside.

A soft snort of laughter, and Arthur's arms tightened. "I always knew."

Re: don't hyperventilate :)

Omg, I know it was meant for seperis but you totally just made my shitty night five times better. *stare* *happy*

Re: don't hyperventilate :)

oooh, that's pretty...

Re: don't hyperventilate :)

*faints from breathholding*

Re: don't hyperventilate :)

And this is why I lurk around reading comments to other people's freak-outs!

I'm pretty sure I was hyperventilating right along with Merlin.

Re: don't hyperventilate :)

This was brilliant.

Re: don't hyperventilate :)

...*blinks, comes up for air*

Wasn't there a post here about something? Hmm. No matter.

*re-reads fic*

Re: don't hyperventilate :)

"I always knew."

Aw! Something about how freaked Merlin was makes the last part even better.


Re: don't hyperventilate :)

Perfect. You know - while watching the show, I somestimes like to pretend that Arthur actually knows about Merlin's magic and is merely playing along. So I basically fantasize about moments like this - the big reveal, and then Arthur going, "I've always known, you lovely, lovely idiot."

Re: don't hyperventilate :)


No, this means that the investigation will require the tools the Abuse team has available to them.

All Abuse cases are marked 'Private' because they may contain confidential information in the correspondence that other users/volunteers shouldn't see.

Ahhhh. That makes sense.

All purely hypothetical, of course, since I can't discuss things, but yeah, sometimes things get moved to Abuse that aren't necessarily an Abuse problem, but something that is more easily addressed by us. If I were guessing, that's what I'd say happened here.

It could still be something dodgy ;) Or gremlins. But yeah, no need for concern ;)

Man, you mean that they haven't given everyone the canview:gremlins privs yet? ;)

Maybe that's in the next priv package ;)

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