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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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livejournal is confusing me.
children of dune - leto 1
...and to continue the carnival of wtf:

All my replies on this page are gone. You know, I'd go with psychotic break and imagined answering--I can see it--except two threads have people answering my replies, and I know I didn't delete them.

Already support-requested, but that's just weird.

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Woah! That is strange. What the fuckery is this, LJ?! D:

Seriously. I'm in a fit of paranoia running around to see if any other comments vanished.

wtf, it's like LJ wants us to leave! D: It's been slow as molasses for me today, too.

I get that feelign as well.

I was going to say this LJ slowness has been going on for a lot longer than a day for me. I've noticed timeouts and such for about a week now... One of my friends said she wasn't getting comment notification emails (known LJ issue) so it just seems LJ has been wonky all the way around lately. I'm about to make a #LJFail on Twitter if this goes on much longer!!!

I've been having trouble off and on, but it seemed like it was especially bad today. It doesn't exactly make me all cheerful-happy-bouncy about the continued health of LJ when pages hang and fail to load on a regular basis ...

I've noticed time-outs more frequently since the server move last year, actually.

Maybe you've been deleting your comments in your sleep?

Man, if I was that functional in my sleep, I'd never bother waking up.

Did you delete any of your comments on purpose? There is some new "delete all my comments on this page" button, which you see when you try to delete just one.

I was thinking about that, but I never delete my own comments since there's edit. The only thing I know I've deleted was a person who forgot to login a few days ago and posted twice.

Well, I can say for sure it's not a psychotic break, because I can dig out of my gmail the notification of your reply to me in that thread. *g*

Wow, they vanish comments now? I thought that only happens to the opposition...

They did install some new bulk action option on comments not too long ago I think, maybe it has one of these infamous "glitches"? Perhaps you can blame it on the French? Unless you hit the wrong button?

About three years ago that happened to one of my posts too. I did try lj help but they didn't give me any :) They didn't seem to know what had happened either, or be able to do anything about it.

Okay, that's pretty weird. I hope they can figure out what went wrong!

I had a horrible time yesterday just getting LJ to upload posts. I could see that people had posted things when I went to their journal but it wasn't showing up on my friends page. Today it's fine.

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