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Went shopping. Huge mistake. Suddenly became obsessed with buying denim skirt. Found at old stand-by, Gap. Of course.

I admit it--I'm a huge Gap girl. There's a reason for this. I can pretty much buy any shirt/bottom combination and it will usually go together. Being fashion-impaired, I appreciate this immensely. I'm a huge fan of their long-sleeve t-shirts in grey and black and white--the go with everything! A while back, I daringly bought a red stretch long-sleeve rib shirt and a three quarters sleeve navy shirt there. They, too, go with almost everything and are my only real concession to teh concept that once in awhile, one should wear colors.

Once in awhile. *Grins* I got this red sheathe ribbed cotton dress from my grandmother--tea length with a little jacket of the same material over it. No ironing required, just hangs there. I managed to shock everyone at work--colors! Voluntary! Jenn out of grey and brown and beige and black! Wow!

Scary I've worked there three and a half months and they know me THAT well.

Anyway, found my OTS (One True Skirt), knee length, denim, so pretty. But wait! What's this?

Size, apparently.

Now, my weight fluctuates, it always has, but has always stayed in a general spectrum of eight to ten pretty much, with the bizarre six that sneaks in for some kinds of long skirt. So I got a ten and an eight to try on, and watched in horror as they slipped off my hips and pooled at my feet.

Oh, this can't be good, thinks me, watching in a kind of fascinated horror. This would be a cry for help for someone to feed me lots of sandwiches.

Sent hot salesboy for a six. Better, but still sitting on my hips, and no, it wasn't the kind of skirt that was supposed to do that. Scared, I told him to get a four, and he trots back, hands it over, and woo, we have a fit. A tiny bit loose, but it still has to be washed and I don't like very tight clothes anyway.

But a fucking FOUR?

So, I had my sister try on a few things.

Now, my sisters are what some might call slim ,others might call scary--the youngest is too thin to fit into a normal size zero, and my other sister just makes a two-four if she's bloated. Think about that one. Hip huggers were very happy things for both of them, btw, since for the first time, they could find the right length and size, but I digress. We watched in a kind fo facination as a one, theoretically the smallest in the store, slipped right off her and decided that Gap must just have bizarre sizes, not that I was apparently on the edge of imminent starvation.

I'm five ten. There is no way in a normal world that I would fit into a four and not have to be carried around due to sheer lack of energy due to starvation.

But, ego boost. And it's a cool skirt. Got cotton shirt to match, ignoring my hatred of the iron, because it's soo cute. Huge sale on Nine West shoes that I resisted, but damn, now that I think about it, they had the cutest sandles on sale that would have been fabulous with my skirt.

Gah and gah.

Also, bath products--waht was I supposed to do? They were buy one get one free at the mall! Scent is red currant and thyme tea. I dare anyone to resist buying the entire set at those prices!

Aren't I just FASCINATING? *Grins*

Still vaguely obsessed over That stupid free shipping over twenty-five dollar thing. Grrr. Must hide check card. Tonight. Somewhere I can't find it.

Also must find bathing suit for upcoming trip to beach, but damned if I was going to be that masochistic today.

More later. I'm working on my feedback for the_treasury tonight so as not to be late again.
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