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applied concepts
So to be a completionist--and possibly because they are not giving me work at work, so I can indulge myself in a lot more extracurricular reading than the norm:

On Amazon Failure, Meta-Trolls, and Bantown by tehdely about trolls, amazon, and the abusive ranking system. Already linked this one, so just added for context for the next.

bryant has a discussion here on a claim of deliberate trolling and a partial debunking, along with speculation. The only thing that really doesn't work for me in the explanation is the hit on the erotica category not related to GLBT.

And related, #amazonfail is a Symptom regarding amazon's architecture and user rating content.

Also, from tzikeh:

The Guardian: 'Gay writing' falls foul of Amazon sales ranking system, an excellent article on the situation as it stands.

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*crawls out of lurkerdom*

Fox News just posted an article about the Amazonfail http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,514923,00.html

They don't really say anything interesting, but this is definitely getting big.

*crawls back in*

Now they are just trying aything at random, hoping one of these will stick:


I am waiting for the old AMTDI (aliens made them do it) explanation myself.


Seriously though, this is highlighting a much more important problem: the fact that the book market is becoming a monopoly: this is bad, very bad. regardless of whether Amazon is at fault or not, it is not a good situation we are finding ourselves in.

Amazon is now so strong that even if we -the book-buying public- wanted to influence them, we wouldn't be able to... Personally, the lesson I will take away from this is not never buy from Amazon without checking if I cannot find it elsewhere.

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