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amazonfail - the homophobic glitch? really?
children of dune - leto 1
To recap the glorious adventure of this weekend: many, many books and novels, both fiction and not, were delisted and in some cases moved from a top level search on amazon under the idea that anything GLBT is also to be considered adult, along with a sampling of general erotica.

[But not Playboy! Yes, we can still get thirty years of centerfolds for our kids! Thank God.]

Amazon Possibly Using Category Metadata to Filter Rankings at Dear Author has an explanation--with spreadsheets!--on what metadata is and how it might have been used during this "glitch".

And right. Amazon Rank in a continued quest for internetz justice via the googlebomb.

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Link snagged from somebody on Twitter: http://community.livejournal.com/brutal_honesty/3168992.html

I don't know whether it's true, but it's there.

Huh. I just was IM'ed this link as well.

I wish I knew whether to believe it - not that the lovely anecdote about heroin doesn't give it that little extra ring of authenticity, of course.

It's more that some (not all) heterosexual erotica that is metadata'ed to erotica also got hit at the same time.

He could totally be trying to grab attention, though. (Admittedly the details are a nice touch. But if I learned anything on lj, it's Never trust a troll.)

I'm holding off 'til we get more info.

it would have helped if he'd mentioned he also went after anything in the erotica category at the same time, as those were delisted as well.

He's also a known troll - weev was featured in the NYT's piece from awhile ago.


Damned trolls.

Sorry but

That doesn't explain what the Amazon reps said about delisting adult books when that Craig guy asked back in February or when Mark Probst asked a few days ago...

That is a possible explanation I guess, but sort of contradicted by Amazon's previous and current reaction on the matter.

Clarification, sorry: It could be a troll grabbing for attention (thus muddling the issue further), or it could be true.

Either way, it does not endear me to the act of trolling.

Yes, it does appear that it is a troll grabbing for attention after all: http://bryant.livejournal.com/672165.html

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