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amazonfail - the homophobic glitch? really?
children of dune - leto 1
To recap the glorious adventure of this weekend: many, many books and novels, both fiction and not, were delisted and in some cases moved from a top level search on amazon under the idea that anything GLBT is also to be considered adult, along with a sampling of general erotica.

[But not Playboy! Yes, we can still get thirty years of centerfolds for our kids! Thank God.]

Amazon Possibly Using Category Metadata to Filter Rankings at Dear Author has an explanation--with spreadsheets!--on what metadata is and how it might have been used during this "glitch".

And right. Amazon Rank in a continued quest for internetz justice via the googlebomb.

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How likely is the 3rd party interference theory, do you think? This filtering system seems to be pretty in-house.

I--don't know. I'm not willing to rule it out, but since this started as early as february with the deranking of GLBT authors, I'm just not seeing how it could be a glitch.

Then again, I'm actually completely stunned amazon did something this utterly and transparently wrong in the stupidest possible way, so. *helpless*

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