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The Toybox

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amazonfail - the homophobic glitch? really?
children of dune - leto 1
To recap the glorious adventure of this weekend: many, many books and novels, both fiction and not, were delisted and in some cases moved from a top level search on amazon under the idea that anything GLBT is also to be considered adult, along with a sampling of general erotica.

[But not Playboy! Yes, we can still get thirty years of centerfolds for our kids! Thank God.]

Amazon Possibly Using Category Metadata to Filter Rankings at Dear Author has an explanation--with spreadsheets!--on what metadata is and how it might have been used during this "glitch".

And right. Amazon Rank in a continued quest for internetz justice via the googlebomb.

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Well, I feel all safer and protected!

Never mind that I've been an adult for over 20 years, I really want coeporate America to put the needs of neglectful parents ahead of mine...

In conclusion: Abebooks. I can recommend it highly and if everyone moves their business over to other online publishers, a few months from now we'll be able to laugh about it and wonder whatever happened to Amazon. Jeff Bezos, who's that?

ABE Books were bought by Amazon in December of 2008. I KNOW. I'd recommend Powell's, also, rydra_wong's first post on this has recs for sellers in comments.

Thanks for the information, I'll have to readjust my strategy!

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