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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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an assortment in various flavors and types
children of dune - leto 1
svmadelyn offered me a Dreamwidth code, so, I'm here, and haven't really, um, done anything with it yet? You have to understand, I am really weird about change. I'll start crossposting as soon as I am not staring at it with wide, terrified eyes muttering something like "God, kids today", as one does when one is confronted with change. People, I still miss grunge and buy flannel shirts in vain hope. This is not a new thing.

However, there is an entire entry on the creation of new s2 documentation, so I can say honestly that while I am not quite having a code related orgasm, it's very close, as I have wanted ot change to that forever and drove myself crazy not being able to do so because I did not understand how to customize it myself.

Also, some of you found me already--hey! That was fast!

Other News

Went to have my hair cut and whatnot for V's wedding thsi weekend, and it's never a good sign when one's hairdresser frowns three times. What is usually a quick color and cut was five hours between various dryers, two different careful washes, coloring, and cutting. V chose the color, because later, I will use this great act of sacrifice for personal gain ("I am the best maid of honor ever. I color coordinated my hair for you, bitch. Babysit my son tonight while I wrote porn."), and also, she, unlike me, is not functionally fashion color-blind and knows which red looks best. It is indeed very red, with the upper--layer thing coppery. Afterward, I lost between four to six inches, but to my surprise, it's still well below my shoulders, along with a frantic deep conditioning (apparently, I am hard on my hair, and I have never been looked at with such reproach), and temporary straightening.

[The thing is, I don't have my hair down like, ever anymore. Baby Niece and Baby Nephew are brutal, and at work, I don't like to give people the expectation I'll ever make any effort at my appearance, but instead, they learn to treat the days I come in looking well-groomed as the treat for them it is. So it's a surprise. And it's also growing faster, it seems, along with the problem I've been having with my fingernails needing attention far too often for someone who doesn't like to pay attention to that sort of thing. Yay thyroid medication? I guess?]

To those who have naturally straight hair, it's very hard to describe the sheer bliss of twenty-four to forty-eight hours where your hair does not a.) tangle when you breathe, b.) tangle when you don't breathe or c.) tangle when the gods tell it to, which is all the time. And it swings. And it is pretty. And my niece, who has very, very straight hair, seriously loves it.

My son keeps looking at me askance, like he's never seen such a creature. That totally would have made it worth it anyway.


Short one, because I didn't organize my log this week with the labels.

By Strength and By Virtue by casspeach, Merlin/Arthur - somewhat angsty, dark, and surprisingly satisfying story of rusalkas and revenge. And a fantastic ending.

ETA: To clarify on dreamwidth, nothing will appear there that isn't here as well. Status quo continues. This also reminds me--I seriously, seriously need to update my webpage.

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You've somehow made your first link relative, rather than absolute, which makes the finding of you even more impressive!

*g* Well, it's not like its' a totally new name or anything!

And fixed. How I forgot my http I will never know. Gar.

the sheer bliss of twenty-four to forty-eight hours where your hair does not a.) tangle when you breathe, b.) tangle when you don't breathe or c.) tangle when the gods tell it to, which is all the time.
YES. Oh my God, it's freaking annoying. That said, I recently discovered The Bestest Hair Dryer and Hair Product Thingy Ever [ILU Garnier Sleek and Shine].

I demand pictures of said haircut.

Pictures! Pictures!

I got my hair cut yesterday, and it's so nice to have almost all the layers gone. With the onset of daily humidity, I'll start airdrying my hair and it will go curly. But not curly like you -- a simple blowdry can always get it straight.

Glad to hear about status quo since I don't think I can do one more change. LJ is hard enough!

I sort of miss grunge, too. Actually, I feel terribly old because apparently the style of my youth is coming around again! THE HORROR! My friend's 16 year old daughter dresses just like I did at 16 (minus the green bangs wtf was I thinking?) and has NIRVANA posters in her bedroom and like... SHE LOOKS LIKE ME, only she was born the year I started high school! WAAAAAAAH!

See, as someone whose hair is naturally Marcia Brady straight, I've had countless perms, and even now I braid it up in the shower after washing it so it'll dry in waves (looking much like in my posting icon) to have some semblance of body to it when I take it down. I would have loved curls. (Just like I would have loved being a brunette when I was a blonde little girl, and now wish it was blonde again since it's turned into the color in my icon.)

But, yeah. Once I reached the point in life where "low-maintenance" trumped "appearance," no more perms, because it's so much easier just to brush and rebraid it in the morning and then ignore it the rest of the day...

ETA: Also, five flannel shirts in an assortment of colors are part of my usual wardrobe. They're all buffalo plaid (you know, that black-and-a-color checkered pattern) and are red, yellow, green, blue, and purple, so I can color coordinate them with my outfit. I wear them over my work clothes no matter how silly they look because dammit I need a pocket for my MP3 player. I'm only not wearing Doc Martens anymore because I climb all those stairs coming into the office and would rather wear little slipons to show off my socks.

Edited at 2009-04-15 08:15 pm (UTC)

Just had to comment on the hair.

I have very straight fine hair and it tangles when I breathe. Last time I went to the hairdresser she complained and said working with/combing my hair made her arms ache - and it was completely untangled and up in strict braids when I came in.

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