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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so it's friday, it's not like i have anything else to do atm
children of dune - leto 1
A few quick recs. Because I'm waiting for a query at work and madness starts when I voluntarily read CNN for the articles.

Needlework by zarathuse, Merlin/Arthur - ooh, let me count the ways I love this. Magic. Merlin's father. Bonding. Immortality. And a needle. Also, pitch perfect dialogue and such, such, such good characterization you have no idea. And the plot's wonderful.

Inside Out by frantic_allonsy, Merlin/Arthur - modern AU, and clubbing and funny and awesome. And I do believe Merlin cannot dance, but I would dearly give a lot to see it.

Practical Volitation by allothi, Merlin/Arthur - to say this made me laugh out loud is an understatement. Merlin learns to fly via motivational conditioning. You'd be surprised what he uses as motivation, though.

When Trust Is a Thing Not Given and Water Is Taught By Thirst by aelora, Merlin/Arthur - she also wins for best title of the week on the latter--did I mention I have a thing for titles?--and an intriguing set of stories following along with Merlin's reveal and what comes after.

Practical Adventures and Auspicious Pursuits by stillane, Merlin/Arthur - it starts with goats. I mean, to say I knew by then this would be great is like saying putting my foot in water means I know it will get wet. And then there are spiders. My love for the action/adventure side of Merlin is very, very pure.

Obesiance by casspeach, Merlin/Arthur - in answer to the knee-walking challenge, this one is excellent. Merlin is loaned to another lord during his visit. We do not need to be told it does not go well, because honestly, how could it go right? Cass just does awesome things with this idea, and it's now a regular re-read.

It would probably be overkill to start a new journal specifically for the purpose of housing my recs so I don't have to feel guilty that I am four fandoms behind in updating my rec page? Overkill? No? Maybe?

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::happy sigh:: Just what I needed. Sure! A rec site would be awesome,but we can always just hit the taggity tag!

You have a half-dozen delicious accounts and you're still trying to update a recs page? Just go with the delicious accounts -- save yourself the coding and you can still be all OCD with the tags for extra-special sorting.

No, I like the recs! Well, I'm generally in favor of all-purpose journals, though.

Hooray for recs!! The more the better, though I'm a one fandom at a time kinda girl, so I don't find it hard to keep up.

Reading rec'd fic is always preferable to trying to wrangle uncooperative WIPs into submission, I say.

Thanks for the recs! I read the first one as Merlin is a father at first, and went like, "That's the first! I'm so going to read that! ..oh."

Your Merlin recs just make my week. I have reached the point in fandom where I absolutely refuse to go combing through the communities for the rare good story, and I so there is nothing I love more than sitting back and seeing the stories come to *me.* Awesome.

Your recs are awesome, wherever you put them.

I really appreciate your recs! I'm always happy to see them. I've found good stories through them, which I expected, of course, since I love your own stories. :)

Thanks for the recs, I am beginning to enjoy reading in this fandom, but I can't seem to find fanfic I like when I look, so I'll just let you do the work and reap the benefits! Thanks again.

I'm not sure I've thanked you for the recs but I really appreciate them! Your stories (and recs) is why I started watching Merlin... just so I could read the stories. I don't think you need a separate journal, tagging should be enough, no?

I started reading Merlin stories this weekend and your recs have been a great help finding many excellent stories. I plan on checking back in to watch for more recs.

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