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a bit of everything
children of dune - leto 1
Part A

I've been thinking for a while I wanted something to build, and my mom's computer is not keeping up with her anymore, so you see where this is going. Coincidentally, deadlychameleon sent me to newegg to look for a new router that was insanely inexpensive compared to Amazon, so.

Anyway, those who have built their own computers, would any of you mind looking over my specs? This probably isn't the final list, as I'm still researching, but it looks basically like what I want. I swear I have read and read and read and I'm pretty sure everything goes together correctly. I've done disassembly of my own computers, but starting from scratch is new and exciting.

Also, I promise not to electrocute myself, for those who are having flashbacks to when I was repairing my VCR. Really. No butter knife this time. I have tools. Somewhere.

Part B

If they do not release this cover as a single, the music industry needs to DIAF already. Lincoln commercial with thirty seconds of Major Tom by Shiny Toy Guns, Oh my God I want this song. Their other stuff is interesting as well, especially Frozen Oceans.

Part C

Why, for the love of God, are their flights to Cairo, Egypt on sale right now? And Dublin? Am I being punished for being poor?

Part D

Er. I don't know what goes here.

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Part C
- didn't you know, there are always flights for sale when you have no chance of taking advantage of the sale. Its like fate or something. And since I can't go either, I'm not looking Egypt... really? *pouts as well*

EGYPT. DUBLIN. MANCHESTER, for the love of God.

I hate the world. I need to marry well or something.

I live to enable. *g*

Make sure to match motherboard with processor and RAM type, and the video card with slot type, and you should be ok.

I generally compare it to assembling your own Swedish furniture.

I think I did that okay, I used a few sites to socket match and newegg has a lovely feature with combos and that tell you what people bought when they bought one thing. I'm more worried I'm overbuying on motherboard and case. It's a lot easier to reverse engineer than start from scratch. I knew the CPU would be relatively high (I checked Tom's benchmarks and ended up lowering my processor price a lot), but I'm not sure I need this particular motherboard and case.

...yes, I am keeping it in a googledocs spreadsheet for easy fixing and updating whenever I am on a computer. *g*

Case is probably not something you should spend a lot on, you don't need 5 optical drives or anything. Same with motherboard - space for one graphics card is enough, you do not need two. If you want something with motherboard pre-assembled, you can go with one of the barebones Shuttles. They're a good option.

What deadlychameleon said. Get a decently sized case that allows for furhter upgrades/tinkering, and room for its soon-to-be occupants to breathe, but beyond that? not worth spending a lot on.

Also, if you one haven't already, well worth investing in at least one, non-magnetized really good screwdriver for computers only, and remember to keep yourself grounded (i.e. a bodypart touching the case) at all times.

Good luck!

Part A - I just recently finished rebuilding my PC, and had to pull together bits for that, if you want me to have a look. The main consideration spec-wise is what it'll be used for. Though I'm thinking it doesn't need to be all-singing and dancing for your mother.

Part B - Personally, I think the music industry needs to DIAF already because it is an antiquated and outdated institution that really serves no purpose in this day and age but to stifle talent and to make a dime off of and underpay way more talented people.

Part C - I love Cairo...please don't tempt me. I also haven't been home in a while either.

Part D - I'm sure you'll think of something. And if you don't, fandom will probably come through for you... =P

Part C: I occasionally torture myself looking through travel magazines. Mum and I once spent a day and a half organising a two week trip around Europe down to what hotels we'd stay in before realising just how financially unviable [is this a word?] it would be go on a trip. =S

Part D: insert fic.

I was wondering if you were going to be dreamwidthing it up? ::is going to feel dumb if you already posted about this::


I'd be happy to take a look at your specs. Are you buying from newegg? That makes it a lot easier, matching which parts go with what, and seeing other people's reviews.

What kind of computing does your mom do? I know my mom only needs something that can run firefox and Word. But at the other end of the scale, I'm old enough to be a young-ish grandmother, and I'm about to rebuild an old desktop for WoW for myself. Because 15fps in Naxx25 isn't good enough. :-P

Ooh. I love you. I have it up at googledocs--email me at seperis at gmail and I'll send you the invite to check it. And yes, newegg. It's a drug.

She's a gamer--Guild Wars so far, a few others, and the regular office stuff. My niece and son use it for the same thing, along with normal functions and a lot of online gaming as well.

You are not planning to solder anything or do some kind of custom job on the case, are you? (Though there are some cool ones out there posted with instruction on all these DIY blogs, I've seen really awesome steampunk ones. So if you are looking for a harder project you should look into that to make your computer look less like a boring plastic box.) I mean, I have put a computer together from parts, and I didn't need any tools beyond a small screwdriver.

Part B

This version of Major Tom is actually available at http://www.lincoln.com/extras/tvads.asp?id=7 due to popular demand (the download link shows up immediately).

And you're not the only one who's used butterknives in the fixing of a VCR ;)

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