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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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they are both in the southern hemisphere? idek.
moody cow
So are you ever tempted to empty your accounts, dissolve your retirement, quit your job, sell your child in Sweet Charity (or to fund the VVC scholarship) and pack your laptop to run away to Machu Picchu (which you have now twice called Picchu and kind of want to die?).

So...just me, then?

Okay, how about Cairo?

For me, it's the circus.

Cairo is most certainly north of the equator. And you'd miss high speed internet and nice grocery stores. :)

I'd miss the internet, maybe.

*sad* I went to look. I cannot understand why I always assume in my head it's parallel to Brazil, not Florida.

Machu Picchu? Cairo? I was thinking more Hawaii, or maybe the southern coast of France.

How about this - the writing community little_details has completely given itself over to lolcats for the day. My personal favorite.

Travelzoo keeps sending me deliberately malicious notices of vacations. The bastards.

I tried, but no one will buy my kids. Think I'd go to Greece though - possibly for the bacon-wrapped chicken soulvaki alone.

(And it could be worse, you could have called it Pikachu...)

Too high. Fiji.

Though... Papeete might be nice...

I saw good Fiji deals.

*longs to run far away*

A couple times a day, actually. And I don't really care where...

Though, I'm not really a fan of big spiders (or spiders in general, actually). So that rules out a few spots on the planet.

This morning. Between conference calls.

and it's not even a particularly bad day.

Having no job and no child, if I had the money I could quite easily run away - but I have no idea where to...

I'd have said New York, for obvious reasons, only I can't stand cockroaches. And it's not exactly quiet either...

Not as roachy here as people think, I swear.
And the ones you will have mostly quietly hide in the walls, you can't aeven tell they're there, most times.

...that makes it worse, doesn't it?
*shuts up*

St. John. A house boat. a house boy. Yes.

Yeah, except that I usually want to run away to either the rocky mountains, or the south pole.

Also, I would be selling cats and a snake, rather than a child.

LOL. Banff-to-Jasper, Canada for me. Mountains and air so pure it burns.

Or Venice. :DDD

Oooh Venice. If I'm ever in trouble with the law, I'm going there. You can hijack a boat (do you see how they tie them up?! With plastic thingies) and even if they know where to look, HA, good luck actually freaking finding it.

More like all the fantasies I had as a child after reading 'My Side of The Mountain' get a little harder to ignore.

Oh, to live in the woods, away from people, and adopt a raccoon and falcon.

Believe me, it's not just you...I'll take Cairo..or Rome or Venice or Hawaii.