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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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recs for a lazy afternoon
children of dune - leto 1
Randomly reccing:

Stargate Atlantis

Checkmate'verse by beadattitude - Sheppard/McKay. Sheppard gets turned into a cat, right, but it's so much more than that. It's a collection of stories that just--to say this is my happiest place is to understate it. Your husband/wife/SO left, your dog/cat/pet died, your house/apartment/residence burned down--you go read this. It is that good. I did a longer rec of this one here and I stand by the fact that it's one of the few and far-between fic that just makes me melt in utter bliss.


Misrule by thehoyden, Merlin/Arthur - this is freaking hysterical. Saturnalia in Britain! Merlin the Maiden! Tournaments! Fun! Yes, all of this and more!

Treason to Us by janne_d, Merlin/Arthur - one of my favorite angsty Arthur finds out. I love the progression, I love how Arthur thinks about it, and I love how well the author shows both his betrayal and eventual understanding.

Building a Bridge by berusama, Merlin/Arthur - okay, this just works for me. Revengefic with porn. Awesome.

Details in the Fabric by minarchy, Merlin/Arthur - mob AU! That's--well, really all you need to know. Based on a Merlin comic linked in the story.

ETA: Part 2 of Details in the Fabric. I'm really interested in seeing where this goes.

To Be Known by esohpe, gen - gen by way of very slashy. Another fantastic Arthur finds out, visceral, brutal, and painful to read. Also very true to what I think the initial reaction might be.

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I was hoping to come over here and find some good recs and got a bonus birthday prezzie. Thanks, love.

As I'm lurking on your journal (don't ask me how I ended up here, I honestly can't remember) and enjoying your Merlin recs (thanks for that^^), I've noticed that your link for "To Be Known" was broken. It has been reposted since, there: http://sometimesophie.livejournal.com/57604.html since (and still is fantastic)

*goes back into silent lurker mode*

Oh my GAWD. I ... I've read thru your entire SGA rec list. All of it. I - I'm kind of horrified with myself. And impressed. But mostly horrified. And obscenely grateful to you for making that list, because really? It was all kinds of awesome, and then some. And then some more. It REDEFINED the awesomeness of awesome. It was like ... coffee, and cookies, and CHOCOLATE. AT THE SAME TIME.
Thank you.

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