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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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musically speaking, i have no idea what is going on here
children of dune - leto 1
I'm going through some kind of obscure music phase where I'm buying music on speculation--i.e., that while I do not like it now, or even feel vaguely hateful to it, the song/band/genre has enough crossover with the Atlantis Project* that I'll like it eventually.

*(Atlantis Project is my writing music and the elite of the Seperis playlists. I have mood lists and writing lists and etc, but Atlantis is the stuff that kind of owns my soul. Actually, it could be the musical equivalent of my soul, though that does argue do I want my soul to include Erasure? I don't know.)

This is a shitty way to get music**.

**(It is. But it has a ten percent success rate when I can't get my new music fixes via vids, and that's pretty good odds and about ten times better than I can manage without some kind of personal emotional crisis. So really, this entire music situation could be blamed on vidders. Who aren't vidding. Why aren't you vidding?)

Granted, it turns out that grimly forcing repeat on myself until the homicidal tendencies ease means I do like them from sheer self-defense. But it turns out to also be hideously repetitive as well, for as it turns out, when I'm buying speculatively, I'm not all that imaginative--I'm basically buying what says it's a lot of rock, and sure, that's the genre, but it's just not. It's rockers who had torrid affairs with emoband boys and were left crying into their whiskey about their lost heterosexuality, so they are taking out their pain with guitars instead of eyeliner***.

***(They may be wearing eyeliner, too. IDK. I'm just saying, Theory of a Deadman's lips are saying "Rock" but their eyes are screaming "Give me my Fallout Boy mix plz to express my pain". And I have four of their songs, so I know what I speak of here. Like I said. Repetitive.)

It's really disconcerting. It's worse than just they sound alike. I get the feeling they were all left by the same emoband. I can't be sure, but I have this total My Chemical Romance Broke My Heart and I Am Expressing My Pain with My Guitar thing**** going on with like, four of them. It's weird.

****(This would be 10 Years "So Long, Goodbye" and Theory of a Dead Man "Not Meant To Be". Okay, anyone who has that--the intro. Where the hell have I heard that before? Fuel? Three Days Grace? It's driving me nuts. I have heard it before, and if the damn singing wouldn't start so quick, I could probably figure it out by singing the first verse. Because that is familiar.)

Mostly, I'm irritated because Collective Soul's Run is totally something I can feel in my bones is my song and it's totally not happening. I get a bigger emotional hit off Cold Hearted Snake at this point, and let me tell you, I can still feel shame. I am grimly humming along with Run and almost feeling it, then I give up and flip on Faith No More or something. I mean, I did a 100 repeat on this song. The most emotion I can get off of it is a vague need for a sandwich next time I take a roadtrip and that doesn't even make sense.

I'm also thinking of the Id Vortex in music, which is I guess different from fiction? I think there's an encouraging thing that music should be your Id. Which fine, okay. But listening to Broken with Seether and Amy Lee makes me profoundly uncomfortable, and I mean, that was before I stumbled across their real lives and times.

(Randomly, Breaking Inside by Shinedown and Staind's Believe are the soundtrack to Tale of the Sea Serpent. My Id and I have a fantastic relationship. My third choice was Alanis Morisette, but Arthur giving head to "You Outta Know" felt like something I should be ashamed of, even if I didn't know why. Do with that what you will.)

(Deleted comment)
(I am vidding. But it's all music you already know. Sorry.)


Personslly: Arthur=The Gallager Brothers from Oasis.

There are few things about the show Merlin that cannot be solved by playing the entire "Whats the Story Morning Glory" in proper order, on repeat. *

Plus the only way they would wear eyeliner is if hookers and blow were involved. And even then it would be questionable.

Wonderwall is all over youtube, as is the rest of the cd actually.

Where this fails is that my musical answer to everything is: Oasis, Robbie Williams, Neil Finn, Crowded House. Sparkly Vampires? Play Oasis. Post apoalyptic space battles? Play Oasis. Gay Buddy Cop Drama? Play Oasis.

*Unless you actually got the cd in 1995 and now hate it. I've had it since then, and it has been in constant rotation.

Oh, Oasis, Alanis Morisette, and the Pulp Fiction soundtrack were my anthem, along with Cranberries and Live 1994-1996. You know, I haven't listened to them in a while, come to think.

Mmm, listen to HIM. They're my favorite band ever, so I sort of automatically pimp them when anyone talks about music. And the lead singer, Ville Valo? His voice is honey poured over thunder, and he is like walking, talking sex. *fans self*

I am listening to clips on iTunes now.

My third choice was Alanis Morisette, but Arthur giving head to "You Outta Know" felt like something I should be ashamed of, even if I didn't know why.

Heee. I have an exam tomorrow, so right now I'm listening to all Mozart all the time, in a vain and futile hope that I'll be able to ID it later.

I'm getting a bit of mileage out of Amazon's free MP3 downloads. I can feel absolutely ruthless with no qualms about downloading something, listening to it for a minute, and then pronouncing it CRAP and deleting it.

Or less frequently, enjoying it and hunting down more of that artist.

I also snerch every bit of music that flisters post on LJ, because I've got nothing when it comes to encountering new and recommended music.

I should try them. God knows it can't be odder than the music I'm listening to now.

... are you a member of fat_chance_fans. It's a community for fen who are trying to lose weight, and I'm about to start posting a "running" playlist there every week.

If you like My Chem (do you?) you might like Billy Talent. They're my latest discovery and I adore them

I am checking him out now!

Glad to know I'm not the only one on a music kick. It's gotten to the point where I seriously consider caving in and writing a damn song!fic. I've resisted all these years. I do have willpower!!!


I would rec something, but I have no idea if you'd like any of my music. Rather wide range of crap in my music folder. (Not counting the stuff that got deleted, but we're not going there at the moment.)

Same here. And most of the music I like has nothing in common but that it probably showed up in a vid or is on an album where a song on a vid was also located.

I do not fully understand anything you said here, but I fully laughed my ass off at it anyway. :)

*grins* It was Arthur mentally humming Alanis Morisette that did it, wasn't it?

Here, have my Songs I'm Vidding (Someday, Really, Swear to God). Most, if not all, of the songs will be cut down when it comes time to vid them; some of them are already in progress and I've got a cut-down version of the song, but I put only the full versions in the .rar for you. There's also a text file with brief notes on the status of a vid for that song, as well as fandom and...stuff. In case you're curious. *g*

...oh my God. I love you. *RUNS WITH RAR FILE NOW*

I did the vid thingy for a while, and then progressed(?) to picking up new songs from fanmixes. Not quite the same without visual hooks, but similar enough in theme anyway.

Oh yes. Fanmixes are awesome.

My third choice was Alanis Morisette, but Arthur giving head to "You Outta Know" felt like something I should be ashamed of, even if I didn't know why. Do with that what you will.)


I'm thinking about this now. I get musically inspired by vids, certainly, but mostly it's by character and mood. Due to wolfpup's "Like a Stone" vid, I now have Audioslave = Alex Mahone engraved inside my skull, so I've been writing a lot of Prison Break fic to various Audioslave songs (for the record, I like about 60-70% of their songs from Audioslave and the CD that followed it; from the latest one, Revelations, I think, I really couldn't stand it but I can't say why).

Mind you, a lot of the time it's all about the speed/feel of the music matching the feel of the scene. I'll frequently sit down to write, put on music, and then realise it totally doesn't work here and then switch across to another mix/CD/whatever to get the mental vibe I need to write the scene.

Something for Kate is generally good if I want slow, understated, emotionally-stunted (in the "just grow a pair and tell him how you feel" way) angst or a slightly lyrical, descriptive tone to the writing. Audioslave is good for smut because, oh, you saw Like a Stone – it's no wonder my brain hears that low guitar and rough voice and immediately thinks of sex. The Grey's Anatomy soundtrack (lots and lots of upbeat break-up songs that make me bop) is good for happy endings/that initial spark of attraction type scenes. Ominous, dark, "oh, this isn't going to end well" scenes of obsession? The perfect writing music is from that Cyberwoman episode of Torchwood, Mogwai's utterly awesome and yet lyric-free 'We're No Here'.

Funnily enough, I find writing effects my musical choice. After writing an AU set in the late 90s, I'm suddenly listening to a greatest hits album (with 'Ice, Ice Baby', 'U Can't Touch This', 'Boom! Shake the Room' and 'Unbelievable') on endless repeat and loving it. Which proves nothing other than my musical tastes vary far and wide, are easily influenced and require song lyrics I can sing to.

Luckily, my local library has an awesome collection of CDs and a cool two-week "we're closing our eyes and trusting you to respect copyright law" approach, so I tend to try a lot of random music. I can pick stuff by artist, title, one song I like, cool insert with random lyrics I like, and sometimes – rarely – based solely on awesome cover-art. It's a great way of trying new stuff and feeling fine if I only like one CD out of four (since I didn't pay, it's no big deal).

I kept thinking "Arthur shouldn't blow people to this song. It's totally the wrong mood." And hated myself, just a little. Though again, no idea why.

Yes, on Audioslave. And on Mogwai. I picked that up from someone posting it and just shivered. it's fantastic.

...This sounds like the musical/inspirational equivalent of drinking bottle after bottle of Amstel Lite hoping to get a buzz. It can't work, and even if it did, would it really be worth it?

You know about The Hype Machine, right? (http://hypem.com/) It's a site that picks up feeds of hundreds and hundreds of free music blogs, so you can just bounce around and see what people are posting about lately and download for free, and safely, or you can do a search if you're looking for something specific.

I've also got a subscription over at eMusic.com, which is a great deal and has introduced me to all kinds of new music.

Seriously, what you're describing sounds painful. :O Don't do that to yourself!

ETA: Oh, also. I did a big-ass hundred-song multi-genre songspam over at my journal the other month; don't know if any of those are remotely what you're looking for, but the links are still good and on box.net, so you can listen before you download if you wish.

Edited at 2009-03-26 04:57 am (UTC)

Actually, it is the musical equivalent of that. I mean, sure, I may randomly get a buzz by accident, but it's not often and not even close to the good stuff. Usually.

I'm bookmarking the link. This is exciting!

(And since I can't edit to fix the link, I try again)

Rana dared me to send you a selection of songs from the most prominent artist in many of our current soundtracks. TVXQ performs as Dong Bang Shin Ki(DBSK) in Korea and Tohoshinki in Japan, and even if you don't understand the words, the quality of their voices is hard to miss.

They aren't difficult to watch either.

The folder is here (for anyone who wants it).

Downloading! I'm probably taking this one to work tomorrow to see how it works. It's a fairly good litmus test if I can hum along while working that I'll love.

Have you tried pandora.com? You tell it what you like, and it sets you up with stuff that matches.

I have, but I may need to revisit when I'm at this level of desperation. Breaking Benjamin was a low point.