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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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randomly, is there something like stupid water going around?
children of dune - leto 1
On behalf of a dear friend on my flist (and other assorted Canadian flisters),

Dear Greg Gutfeld, Doug Benson, You Other Creepy Panelists Bill Schultz, Monica Crowley, Jonathan Hoenig, and Fox News,

Fuck you.

The "God Will You Shut the Fuck Up, At This Rate I Will Never Be Able to Travel Internationally Again Without Getting Shived" Club

Can I add....

P.S. No, Kathy, he's also not funny.


I'm just excommunicating him from America. Let's vote on that!

ETA: medie has some words for Fox News here. With a lot of links. Read it.

WORD. And thanks for sticking up for us. I know (and I hope most reasonable Canadians know) that this guy is an incredible asshole and not representative of Americans in general.

I clicked the youtube link and literally went *silent* in shock. I mean, it's not just insulting, it's not even funny or satirical.

And this is why I do not ever go near FOX news, ever.

*sends love to Canadians, who apparently once burned down our White House*

I watched one minute and couldn't keep going. I can't watch that much stupidity in one dose... it's just impossible.

Faux News. Fox Noise. I don't care what you call them, I just don't want them to be on my TV. Or my computer. Idiots aren't welcome here. And it's segments like this that remind me as to why.

I was in shock. I was like "this is supposed to be *funny*?" and could not work out how the alchemy for that was supposed to work. My God.

*copies your letter, votes for excommunication*

I watched maybe the first half of that disgraceful performance before I had to hit the back button, as I didn't want my head exploding from rising blood pressure due to fury.

You were smarter than me. I forgot how my fingers worked from shock and horror. They thought they were being funny? I mean--in what universe?

I watched this a few days ago and it was painful to watch. I just don't understand how someone could get away with this. More than that, I don't know how anyone could think something as stupid as this and then say it to the public at large. Someone needs to punch that man in the face, and quickly, because we can't put up with this bullshit.

THIS! It was like nails-down-the-chalkboard. Just ewww.

Oh my god--- really? This--- REALLY?

I've got shock, I've got horror... I wish I had more shock, to be fair, but the horror's way up there.

Good god. I am so sorry, Canada. And so utterly mortified.

I know. I feel like I should carry a sign saying "I SWEAR TO GOD THEY ARE DUMBASSES AND DO NOT REFLECT THE VIEWS OF ANYONE SANE. OR NOT CONSERVATIVE, ANYWAY." OR something. I don't even know. IT's Fox news. They--do this sort of thing and think it's the height of comedy.

(Deleted comment)
No joke. I found that reasonable and fairly sane, so the funny was lost on me.

And, seriously, "I realize that my words may have been misunderstood... and for that I apologize" is (1) not an apology and (2) REALLY NOT AN APOLOGY.

I do, however, love this comment, "Defence Minister Peter MacKay said he accepted the apology — pointing out it came only after his department contacted Fox demanding one earlier in the day." (Aka, "I'm a Canadian; I'll stab you in the back, but I'll do it politely!")

THIS! It is not an apology. It's a CYA of stupid.

Is he seriously trying to insinuate that Mounties are limp-wristed because they ride horses? That their dress-uniforms make them faggoty?

It's so stupid I think I can't quite be offended. Or maybe I'll wake up offended tomorrow when the stupid wears off.

And their gorgeous white capri pants.

...God, I feel dirty just quoting that.


It is THAT Doug Benson. I LIKED that Doug Benson.

Sigh. He is off the TIVO list.

And I only made it far enough to check if it was possibly, just maybe, some other Doug Benson.


*winces* I am sorry for your loss. His engagemetn in Edmonton was canceled due to this. As it was at a military town. Which you know--


Well it's Fox, need I say more?

*shudders* There is that.

*twitches* I am going to sprain something in a second from the twitching.

(Deleted comment)
It's like they're trying to see how hated they can make us. And doing a bang-up job at that.

*facepalms* It is because of individuals like these that I understand why so many countries in the world hate us. Ugh.

We will never be able to leave the country again soon. Not without fake passports.

After reading the comments I can't even brace myself to watch the video. And medie's post I'm fighting back tears.

I'm so ashamed and angry, I'm shaking.


From the UK here and I am completely speechless after watching that link. I,..well..there are no words really. I can't see how that is supposed to be funny at all.

Don't worry though, anyone with brain realises that the whole of the US is not represented by one idiot on FOX.