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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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leeches filling the airways. no, not of people. though maybe they did
children of dune - leto 1
My family is watching 1000 Ways to Die, which is like the misborn bastard child of a docudrama and an expose on things no one wants to know about. So far, I have heard via inescapable sound a.) flesh eating bacteria in someone's face and b.) gunshot through heart by survivalist due to trying to disattach snake.

I think the worst part of these documentaries is the soothing voice narrating the hideous deaths, sometimes with what they probably think is dry humor and usually comes out as gloating satisfaction and not a little turned on.

Leeches. They are talking about death by leeches now. WTF universe? You could be writing porn, whoever penned this show. Who the fuck dies by leeches, and more importantly, why does the world need to know?

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(Deleted comment)
This! And thsi is the second airing. Dearest God.

... why in the world are you watching that? I'd flip straight on past.

But yes, inquiring minds do want to know who thought this show was a good idea.

I'm not! I just had to hear it. The leeches just broke me.

ACK. *shudder* The very idea that doctors actually used to use leeches creeps me out.

Doctors still do. I mean, not as the random default solution as in the past, but to help with certain wounds and injuries AFAIK they breed the medicinal leech species in clean environments and discard them after one use to avoid transmission of blood disease, but leeches are still used in therapy for some wounds and such because they reduce swelling and prevent blood clots. Especially when lost fingers or limbs are reattached, I think.

And maggots, I hear! But also with the breeding and sterility and etc.


I don't think I could make it five minutes into that show. I am squeeeeemish.

You aern't the only one. *flinches in memory*

I haven't seen this show, but my roommate tells me that the most ridiculous thing is when they bring in a medical expert to explain that such deaths 'are completely plausible!' *eyerolls* Even when the death is duh, explanatory-wise.

Yes this. *blank look of horror*

(Deleted comment)
Also, apparently, do not tie a fake kielbasa penis to your leg with rubber tubing so that it cuts off blood flow. Find some way to do this so that it does not cut off blow flow.

Or use an a carrot as a dildo. Something about it perforating the vagina wall. That show is like a train wreck. I don't want to look/know, but I hear something as I channel surf and go back to see WTF? you know.

most of the video clips are available on the website.

Yes. Do not put produce where no produce has gone before.

I think the really sad part is that 5 minutes alone with youtube and I could come up with wayyyyy better clips than they have. The one with the gasoline and the slip and slide was pretty much epic fail - though amazingly no one died. That I know of. Just spent weeks in a burn unit.


flaming shot:


jumping off a roof while carrying someone:

It's like all the things you never wanted to think about on that show isn't it. Yesterday I was channel surfing by saw a death by mace (pepper spray) canister in the anus. Something about it going off and causing the intestine to perforate. How did it get there? I missed that, but it had something to do with a angry/crazy woman I think. It wasn't exactly a bedroom setting either. It was bizarre and more than I needed to know.

okay, that guy stuffed it up there to keep the cops from finding it because he was on parole. the angry woman was the hooker who refused to put it in her purse for him.

I saw one clip and laughed and laughed and realized that made me not a nice person, so I actively avoid this show, but Wiki has a brief run down of every episode, and just good grief sometimes people can be so very stupid.

Eek, I watched that same show! I kept seeing the promos for it and finally got too curious. Next time, I'll know better. That show was just wack.

The fish in the throat simultaneously creeped me out and made me wonder. How the *hell* did she manage to do that to herself? *shudders* See that is why I never liked fishing - I obviously knew on some level that could happen.

No, no, the one that really got me was the woman who swallowed tapeworm eggs as an extreme diet.

Oh, and the guy who drank gasoline trying to get drunk, who then puked it up into his campfire and burned himself to death. *shudders*

...I really should have known better than to read the comments here. *100-yard stare*

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