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leeches filling the airways. no, not of people. though maybe they did

My family is watching 1000 Ways to Die, which is like the misborn bastard child of a docudrama and an expose on things no one wants to know about. So far, I have heard via inescapable sound a.) flesh eating bacteria in someone's face and b.) gunshot through heart by survivalist due to trying to disattach snake.

I think the worst part of these documentaries is the soothing voice narrating the hideous deaths, sometimes with what they probably think is dry humor and usually comes out as gloating satisfaction and not a little turned on.

Leeches. They are talking about death by leeches now. WTF universe? You could be writing porn, whoever penned this show. Who the fuck dies by leeches, and more importantly, why does the world need to know?
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