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deliciousness without salmonella
children of dune - leto 1
My boss came around offering peanuts.

We all looked at them warily.

"From Nigeria," he says reassuringly, offering the container.

We all eagerly took some.*

[Me: From a Nigerian scammer who bought them in America?
Him: ....
Me: Never mind. Give me some?]

(* in case you did not know, a major peanut and peanut-paste supplying corporation let loose salmonella in their peanuts/peanut butter. Otherwise, this joke makes very little sense, unless you read it as a play on the Nigerian scammer email thing, and wow, this becomes less funny by the minute. I would say this is a good argument for keeping up on current events so this is funnier. If it ever can be.)
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I got it. It was funny.



Heh - love he clarified.

We just had a committee go around and hand out candy bars to our department. Too bad most of them contained peanuts. Too bad 3 of us are allergic enough that we are reacting to the dust in the air at this point. Too bad it was explicitly against policy because of this. But hey, we got free pop too! :)

At first I read "brought them to America" and was like, "Okay...?"

I wish it was peanuts here... Where I live, there is currently eggs and pork pulled from sale because of salmonella. Eggs AND pork because the farm feed factory spreading the salmonella manufactured feed to both... :( Guess if the egg producers are shitting a brick in fear that this will kill their easter sales.

They have peanuts in Nigeria? Really?

More than in the US apparently. At least according to wikipedia Nigeria is the third largest peanut producer, after China and India but before the United States.

I learn the most interesting and unexpected things on LJ! :)

How do you even contaminate plain peanuts with salmonella? I can see the peanut paste, but aren't peanuts just roasted in their shells and then sold? At which point did they get salmonella? These US salmonella scandals, first with your tomatoes (and/or peppers?) and now the peanuts, are really messing with my previous ideas about food poisoning.

If you store your previously-infected-but-now-roasted-and-safe peanuts with your raw-and-still-infected peanuts, and then sell the roasted ones...

Birds and rats in the processing facility, apparently. :-P

I had been wondering why starbucks had a sign about taking away the peanuts.


I gotta start paying for tv again.

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