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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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this could make up for a lot
children of dune - leto 1
I am having a spiritual experience with a breakfast burrito, as it has ham, egg, potato, bacon, and cheese, and if I am not mistaken, after assembly, was rolled about on a grill for a while to achieve a state of crispy tortilla deliciousness that I am not entirely convinced is moral nor do I care.

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You've made me so hungry now . .

I might hit food ecstasy any minute now.

I'm fighting very hard not to lj a play by play of the perfect mix of potato, melted cheese, and crisp, crisp bacon.

A good breakfast burrito really should be a religious experience. Alas, that doesn't happen anywhere near often enough.

Where did you acquire this little piece of heaven?


I must procure one post-haste.


I had a crappy granola bar. I think tomorrow I might walk over to McDonald's and get a sausage McMuffin... (Still not as good as yours but better than a crappy granola bar.)

How is it that breakfast burrito's done right are the best food ever? I may have to get one for lunch now...

Damn. That sounds really good.

Can I ask where you're finding this culinary bite (c whut I did thar?) of heaven?

It sounds like McDonald's McSkillet Burrito, which I adore, but better.

What, what, what is this thing by which you are taunting your flist?

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