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stop the world and kal-if-fee with me
children of dune - leto 1
Via svmadelyn - Star Trek Fragrances!

Okay, these are awesome, don't get me wrong, as I want the experience of smelling like Red Shirt and all, but. The comments.

In regard to the fragrance Pon Farr, described in the article: The most risqué titled of the new Star Trek fragrances is "Ponn Farr" which is a perfume designed to "drive him wild." It should only be used once every seven years (okay, that isn’t true). Named for the Vulcan mating ritual first introduced in the episode "Amok Time," this perfume is one of the newly designed products meant to appeal to female fans. More details and an image on Ponn Farr will be available soon.

Correction in comments! Holger:
Pon Farr is not the wedding ritual, but the blood fever! The wedding ritual is the Kon-ut-Kalifee (however that may be spelled, right now I’m too lazy to look it up :-)

But nice idea. I may get the Tiberius. The Redshirt stuff is really funny.

REBUTTAL! Sebimeyer:
Actually, your right that Pon Farr is the blood feever that forces Vulcans to mate, or die. But Kal-if-fee is the right of the Vulcan bride to be to declare when she does not wish to marry the one she has been promised to. The groom then fights a champion chosen by the bride to the death.

The kal-if-fee (which literally translates as “challenge”) is a Vulcan “passion fight” to the death, in which two Vulcan males fight for the right to mate with a certain female. During the Vulcan mating ritual known as koon-ut-kal-if-fee, a female can claim kal-if-fee if she does not want the male arranged for her at childhood. At which point, the male arranged for her must fight the female’s selected mate.

*falls over and swoons* Take me now.

I think I had a geekgasm. Oh whatever, you all know you did, too.

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Hahahahaha! :)

I wonder if the Pon Farr perfume is green like vulcan blood? *g*

I thought the blood fever was actually the Plak Tow? OMG, why do I even REMEMBER that.

Also, I'm sure it can't be any worse than the Twilight perfume.

I feel the pain of wasted brain cells as well. Plak Tow is the end stage of Pon Farr.

I am freakishly excited about this. Oh StarTrek- now I spot a fellow geek with no visual clues at all, just the subtle scent of Redshirt floating in the ether.

Also: I suspect that there will be complaints about the lack of a Klingon scented perfume in 3...2...1....

You know, I didn't even *think* to look at the comments. Clearly I should have.

*giggles* I just love geek discussions--and Red Shirt is awesome. Still, no Deltan-themed perfume? Or one for Orion (the advertising slogans for this one have major potential)? For shame.

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