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growing up on the internet
children of dune - leto 1
So it's not like I don't think it's my duty to educate my only child. I mean, I don't, I think that's TV's job obviously. And media, of course. There, he can learn exciting life lessons about rape and the women who love their rapists and so forth. However, every so often? The media fails me and then I have to actually interact with the brat and like, teach him stuff.

Important Life Lesson: Guarding Our Borders From Those Brown Peoples

Now, you might make the mistake of thinking I'm informed or something about this, which is insane, because I cannot point out enough, I'm on Ritalin for a reason, and it's not because of the high (as apparently, I can't do that, my body uses it for the practical purposes of making sure I keep two thoughts coherent and in order, which as you can see, is working wonderfully), but I will admit, with shame, I was reading through CNN the other day (it was an accident) and saw the blurb, shivered at this intersection with reality, and moved on to look for something shiny that required less critical thinking skills.

But no, then it had to show up yesterday while I was trying to eat cake as my son said, from the computer "I am patrolling the border!" Granted, my son also says things like, "I am cloning you!" and "I didn't do that!" so usually, this is a dirty lie. So imagine my shock when I went through the effort of looking at the screen (and missed a bite of cake, because I forgot to stop the fork) and indeed, he was patrolling the border and was hoping to make a report. With this like, red report button. Right there on the screen.

In the last year of my son's life, everything changed, and I think I changed the most.

In the last year, my twelve year old son has come to me after a speaker in his social studies class gave a questionable view of Zionism and the US involvement in Palestine. In the last year, my twelve year old son didn't understand why white people were chosen for Avatar casting. In the last fucking year, my twelve year old white son had to be explained to, again, why I can't go to certain countries because of my sex, my single status, and the fact I had a child out of wedlock.

He asks me a thousand questions a day, and I have the internet and a group of people I can email when I don't know what to say or how to answer. And I've gotten good at extempore speeches and hell, do I know where examples are, I do. But. It's not enough that there's all the rest of this shit in the world; my twelve year old stumbled across a website devoted to becoming a virtual internetz vigilante to report illegal immigration.

This isn't acceptable. It's just not. I'm not done with him yet. He's not done with him yet. He's smart and he's sweet and he's kind of insane and he's still a work in progress and he's wonderful and this isn't who he is and who he is going to be, and it's not who he wants to be. This is his life, and he's my life, and fuck it, let him watch all the internet porn he wants, I'll give him the address to fucking Something Awful myself and he can post crappy pictures of autopsies and goatse and make shitty cat macros and whatever, but my twelve year old child is not going to see this, do this, believe in this, ever look at this and think this is something right.

He's so much better than this.

Fuck this, I'm downloading SETI. He's looking for aliens* tomorrow.

ETA: * The kind that come from space.

Fuck this, I'm downloading SETI. He's looking for aliens tomorrow.

Now that? Is parenting I can believe in. Good on ya.

Good luck. He's lucky to have a mom like you. Those sound like really good priorities.

I fucking love you.

That's all.

Oh my fucking god. I just. I cannot even. Oh my god. You have to understand how my blood pressure just HIT THE ROOF with that second link.

I'd've lost it at the first one but I read it already elsewhere.


Also, I love that language drift has so thoroughly taken "aliens" that not only did I assume you meant LGM, it did not occur to me that there was any possible misinterpretation of that.

I realized it when I re-read and flinched, and wasn't sure SETI would be context enough.

I'm never surprised when a guy who spews rapey bullshit expresses momentary second thoughts then, when not amply and immediately rewarded for a display of remorse, retracts itm establishing he knows rape is wrong but still has contempt towards women for objecting to it.

The really worrisome thing about this site (other than what you already mention) is how *official* it looks. It's not an obvious militia group. It really makes it look like the "Sheriff's coalition" is a recognized governmental group. As far as I can tell, it's not, and this is a .net site. Who knows where the information it gathers is really going, and how it's being used? I'd bet that there's not the same safeguards that exist for things like police reports and 911 calls.

I happened to catch a "news" feature about this, and they interviewed a local law officer--sheriff, I think--who indicated that they did take calls about this. He seemed to be trying to remain neutral about it, but said they hadn't had many arrests as a result. It appears that the cameras themselves are part of the government's "virtual wall," but I don't know who puts the video online.

*tips my imaginary</i> hat off to you*

You're a good mom to double check what Child sees on the internet. And you know, also the SETI thing. *grins*

creepy links are freaking creepy

Argh! *shakes fist at html coding screw up*

Augh! Wow, yuck. And he's so little, it must be fun to think you can meaningful contribute to the defense of your nation. I hope -- I don't know, that you guys (you and him, to clarify) can figure out a way to make him critical of this stuff without making him cynical.

oh geez, oh geez that makes me so fucking angry. =/

good on ya! it's a constant battle sometimes to try and help kids grow into someone you can be proud of and someone they can be proud of.

And among the so, so many things wrong with that is anybody who thinks any aspect of our nation's security should be in the hands of bored interwebbers is a complete moron.

!!!! Thanks for this; I had no idea.

If I ever have children, you are totally going to be my parenting model. <3