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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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to bring enlightenment, or at least, enlightened vocabulary
children of dune - leto 1
Mary Anne Mohanraj Gets You Up to Speed, Part I

As a condensed guide to the language being used in a lot of the RaceFail posts, this is one of the best I've seen so far, and I'd highly recommend this if at any time, you came to the conclusion that you (in general) and the poster were at some point speaking the same words and it still felt like there were entire different meanings behind it. Understanding both the terminology and intent behind what's being said will, I promise you, clear up over fifty percent of any lingering confusion (possibly more if you hit the graduate-level posts about this). It's also in a neat, outlined, easy to read format, with examples. The comments are mostly insightful and interesting, and you know, some of the other kind, but some excellent discussion is also going on in there.

Also, after checking back in my tag, apparently I somehow hallucinated I linked up to this.

verb_noire has been opened. I'll cut and paste from the profile to explain.
The mission:

To celebrate the works of talented, underrepresented authors and deliver them to a readership that demands more.

What does that mean? That if you're a talented writer with an awesome, original story about a POC girl/guy/transgendered character, there is a place for you. And that if you're a sci-fi/fantasy fan who has grown tired of the constant whitewashing of these genres, there is a place for you, too.

Now that isn't to say that we will accept ANY ol' manuscript as long as it features a POC protagonist, because we will NOT. What we're looking for is quality, soul and PASSION, something that will resonate with readers for years to come.

"Everyone has a story." These words are the driving force behind this project, because we believe that EVERYONE has at least one good story in them, and that story demands to be shared with the world.

As start-up costs can be enormous, we're relying on the generosity of strangers to help us launch. So far, you guys have been absolutely fabulous in donating your money, time and effort, and we hope you will continue to do so as we grow. Even if you can't volunteer at this time, feel free to spread the word (and the widget) around.

Still reading comments in the Mohanraj post. That's some rapidly commenting commentors over there.

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I have to admit, so far I love the modding in that thread.

*nods* You really notice when they go to bed... and when they come back.

Yes, this. You could probably graph my blood pressure against the times various comments were left.

Indeed, out of all the excellent posts I've read so far on RaceFail, this is perhaps the most succinct and well-put. *still needs to wade through all the comments*

The comments... well. Some of them are good. Many of them are replicating the kind of defensive deflection you've seen before, if you've been reading along in RaceFail. That none of them are explicitly abusive doesn't prevent some of them from rejecting the knowledge and experience of people of color, and some basic facts about racism in western society.

It's a bit disappointing, but in no way surprising. What surprises me is this attitude that "This conversation is better" because what appears to make it better is that it's hosted by a (white)(male) blogger rather than a (black)(female) LJer.

Huh. I read a couple of comments that did seem rather--well, that. I was wondering if i'd imagined it after hitting that one guy who was really offended the OP was in sci-fi and then criticizing it, or something.

Ack, I wish I'd known that was a link to scalzi before I clicked it! Since his freakout I've been making a point not to visit his site because I really don't want to reward that kind of kneejerk oversimplication and narcissistic rage by driving up his blog traffic.

Any chance we might be able to get a re-post of the guest's segment?

Either way, thanks for pointing it out. :)

He did apologize for his original comments, and that's the reason he has a guest blogger on, I think, to clarify to everyone where he went wrong about the discussion. But email me if you want the actual article and I'll email you the text. seperis at gmail

Yeah, I get that - I felt like his apology missed the point, too, in that I didn't read any acknowledgment that he felt he was wrong for not having listened, made himself aware, and investigated the situation first before he started saying such profoundly hurtful and negative things. It was more like, "I'm sorry for yelling about something so clearly important," not an apology for the behavior that *led* him to yell.

That's all semantics, maybe, but anyway, thanks, I'll shoot you an email. ;)

*nods* I take your point on that bit.

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