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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Child is sick, so stayed home from work. Child suspiciously better now. Hmm. Wonder what that's about.

Writing HP fic.

God help us all.

And if I never, ever run across the word 'snapempreg' again, it will be far, far too soon. Just sayin'.

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*shudders violently*

yay! HP fic from Jenn! *does happy dance* Erm, I do hope it's S/R. Please? Pretty please?

Which S/R? *grins*

You want to see, email me and I'll send the unfinished, frighteningly bizarre product along. Though honestly, you really might not want ot take me up on that one.

*looks at WiP*



Stupid interestingly broken Lupin.

*giggles* I'll take my chances. Email away! *w*

'Snapempreg'? *whimpers* That's just...no.

I almost cried. *nodnodnod*

Just. Snape. Pre--see? I can't even say the entire word!


Squee! Potterfic!

*rubs hands together in evil way*

You, my dear, are evil. Just wait. For this? Am totallygoing to CAMPAIGN that never do you drink a good margarita again!



Have you noticed the sheer amount of dark apocalyptic fics in this fandom?

This is PRETTY.

I mean, no! No! NO!

I know! Darkfics! Darkfics! It's a feast, isnt' it?

*happy sigh over profound and ubiquitous angst*

But you'd campaign against my margaritas? Even the strawberry ones? That's just evil, Jen.

And if I never, ever run across the word 'snapempreg' again, it will be far, far too soon. Just sayin'.
GAH! *shudder violently*
He'd be a very grumpy pregnant man.
Hmm. Why do I have such a knee jerk reaction towards this? Do I subconsciously think only pretty boys should get pregnant? Or is it just the grumpy thing?

*Grins* The grumpy thing?

I just--the very CONCEPT is just.



*sighs* Yep. Oh yep.

To hell, handbasket, but apparently, not ONLY SV underagedboysex, but now HP....

ff.net won't work--keeps freezing IE. Can you mail me that fic? Please? *bats eyelashes*

HP? Shit - a fandom I know nothing about. I did see the first movie which kindda cured me of trying anything further. I've been told several times to just read the books ***grumble***grumble***

I fear what this could mean to all those SV WIPs you have, but such is the way of fandom love *g*

Smallville is in no danger here, trust me. Lex--God, you uberwoobie of angst you. My One True Love.


Working on your LJ design! Promise!

Wow, thank you Jenn!

You aren't leaving SV, are you? Please say no.
SweetDee (I finally am going to get a live journal -- yay!)


I just saw you on my friendlist. *hugs8 Welcome to LJ! HOpe you enjoy it muchly!

*more hugs*

And no--just taking an angsty breather, as Clark and Lex always want me to make them *happy*. Little denial-seeped, spoiled brats....

*wanders off, mumbling*

I'm personally hoping for some Marauder Jennfic... :D

Mmm. Pretty adolescent boy pastfic....

*stop* No, wait. What am I SAYING?????

*buries head in hands* Make it stop....

I'm *hoping* that's sarcasm.



*andmorelove, since you deserve it, hon*

Snape mpreg, hmmm? Could be worse -- could be wingfic! (I take that back -- that could be shockingly amusing in the right hands, and Dogma already gave us the shots of Rickman with wings to work with...)

Mind that you post your HP stuff to Fiction Alley, now, so I'll notice when you do and go check it out!

Hey... I've friended you since we seem to share an interest (mine's relatively new) in Clex, SV, etc. I hope that's okay :)

NIce to meet you and welcome to LJ!

CLEX! SV! Happiness!

*grins* I'm so easy to please. Glad to have you!

Excuse me while I get in line to freak the hell out w/ joy. Come on over, it's no more insane than SV....oh, wait. Yeah it is. But epic and huge and mmm...can't wait to read it. Oh, and I was rereading 'Standing in the Common Spaces' today (not that you'd know from reread as I have yet to fb any of the fic I read during my first six months reading SV), and I just. I think it might be my favorite of your works, overall. The scope is huge yet so small at the same time, and it contains everything I love about your work all at once. Hot, realistic, vivid sex scenes, curt bitten-off and cryptic dialogue, emotionally wrenching internal POV, unique details and side-information (photography!), layers of meaning and complexity and just some great structure. My adoration is huge, my heart is all breaky, and I think it's one of the best SV futurefics I've read. And from a crossover/OC POV, too! Which is as real and sharp as the rest, of course.

*blushes* Right, running along now.

*blushes* That's--thank you. Honestly, the idea of doing a crossover seemed--ludicrous, but the parallels were irresistible. *hugs hard* Thank you. You made my night even better with that.

re: HP

You may hate it! I may have lost my mind!

And God, how many fandoms can I JOIN where I'm coming in on the Doomed setting?


*hugs more, just 'cause*

You're very welcome--it always feels really good to imagine that one's fb affects the writer, brings them the same glow and sqealing happiness it brings oneself.

And as for the HP, I seriously doubt I'll hate it. I'll probably become even more of a fangirl afterward. Doomed? HA! Nothing can stop the Pottermadness! Nothing! New canon, character deaths, flamewars, and it just keeps on tickin'.

*hugs you back* Man, I need to bug you more on AIM. You seem like such fun.


Snape/Lupin? Dearest Jenn, allow me to die of sheer bliss!

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