Seperis (seperis) wrote,

musical interruptions

To continue bemoaning my life, I just want to add to the list, if Criminal Minds just has to play a song, it should damn well be available for download somewhere on the fucking web besides youtube.

Also, did everyone but me know of this miracle? Tunefind for all your "what the hell was that song on that show?" needs. This is going straight to bookmarks in capslock.

Also, because if I don't, I'll forget. My Side of the Story by Hodges, and oh my God, iTunes, this is a consumer culture and yes, I do think a clever move is to have songs to buy when you finish a show, why is that hard to understand? It's a recession. We aren't dead. I can pretty much assure you I can manage ninety-nine cents.

I can actually feel everyone's silent judgment. I know. It's just. Yeah. Judge away.

ETA: Crisis averted!
Tags: jenn's life
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