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because honestly, it's really just like this

I am having one of those mornings where I am almost certain that dealing with one more human being who is not either a blood relation or someone who has seen me drunk can only end with me sitting on the roof trying to shoot small animals with only the power of my mind.

Also, there are no small animals around here, and I quite like small animals, so you see where this kind of thing could lead. And no, I can still admit I am not telekinetic. I mean, if I was, trust me, the entire world would know in very short order. Well, I mean, as soon as I knew what to do with it, but I've watched a lot of X-Men. I will take inspiration from cartoons, as one does.

I have started, stopped, and started three separate stories, two of which are the same story from different points of view and time periods. The thing is, no, I still have no idea what they are about. One however, does involve snow.

Also currently looking at my newest group of tests, I seem to have named everyone after the descendants of Henry II. I have like, eight generations of Plantagenets applying for benefits right now and I think I'm denying Edward I Medicaid. And the sad part is, I did most of it from memory.

Welcome to the glamour that is my life.
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