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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so it's an alternate universe, yeah?
children of dune - leto 1
svmadelyn has discovered bandslash*. And is pasting it to me.

Consider this your warning that there will be drinking in my future.

*stares hollowly at YIM window*

*(Dear Whoever Is Responsible For This - if she starts writing this, I am totally sending you long, sad emails about how you totally hijacked her and how I cry every night into my pink lacy pillow. They will be long. And sad. And possibly repetitive? Depending on my attention span and everything. Love, Seperis)

**(Okay, if anyone gives her Panic at the Disco recs, I am totally not responsible for my actions.)

***(Oh God, someone did.)


Lol Join us Join us it's only a matter of time

Nooooo. You can't have her!

I can't enable this. I can however, find some lovely fics where Lance Bass turns into a Llama. Or Justin Timberlake is a cult leader. Or Lance Bass fucks the Weasly Twins.

It's technically slash featuring a band.....

...I read those. *facepalm*

We can has svmadelyn?

*cheers* Whoever recruited Madelyn is getting cookies from me!

Re: We can has svmadelyn?

I will totally fight this to the death.

(Deleted comment)
It's Pete/Patrick all the way in this corner.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Bandom is the chickenpox of fandom: practically all authors get it, it lasts a while, and then they Get.Over.It. (hopefully) But- astolat spent 9 months in it when she had David Cook fever, and at the end she was even slashing it with other fandoms. SO. Sometimes inoculation takes a long time.

oh. i am so excited now. :D

svmadelyn acquisition = win for bandom.

Did she read that Pete/Patrick romance novel Victorian AU in space story, wherein (that's my word for the day, by the way!) Pete is a rich, but rather shady gentleman and Patrick becomes his kept man to save his brother from gambling debts., because that rec overcame my bandslash resistance this very afternoon. And then I read the one where Pete is house sitting for Patric's parents and they have distressingly schmoopy and not quite statutory-laws-okay sex and just gave up all hope of finishing my midterm paper tonight.

Seriously, don't these people know I don't need a new fandom and to stop writing really adorable fic? *waves laptop* Midterms people!

YES. That story is actually what set off this madness. I will hop to that second one shortly though.

How can you resist a band whose lead singer dresses up like this for a music video for the song "Open Happiness". Or who bounces around grinning like a loon while simultaneously is able too somehow look hot (lol sometimes).

I have a favorite \o/

Bandom doesn't steal a persons soul, it sneak!cuddles you until you've absolutely fallen in love with every single ridiculous aspect of it.

Plus! GSF is so easy to do for them. Who doesn't want gay orgies all the time?

There is a music video for "Open Happiness"?? How could I have missed that? O_O

Nooo! No more bandslash! I barely survived its pull last year, and with no new SGA to keep my attention now I fear the worst.

sal and dean (or my proximity to greatness- thx jd)
after writing On the road jack was interviewed incessantly mostly about dean moriarty. most journalists assumed he was dean and that was all they wanted to know about. until his death jack proclaimed he was in fact sal paradise. dean was neal cassady. patrick is my dean. he keeps the car between the lines. he unlocks the secrets. he is the conversation. he is the magic. i know i am sal and i feel damn lucky to have the wind blowing in the thru the windows as he keeps us at 80mph. make no mistake, there is a difference between a parlor trick and true blue magic. i will remember this til the day i die.

Our canon is better than any fic rec. :)

*clings to you* NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Where Madelyn goes you tend to follow, and, just, NOOOOOOO!!! Gah! (Arthur/Merlin/Gwen/Morgana/Uther/Colin/Bradley is way awesomer. Right? Right.)

RIGHT. *joins in clinging*



*has history in PopSlash that she is only a little ashamed of...*

hah, I HATED all NSync music and other related things until the group broke up and then I discovered popslash. I had so much shame for like a year, but NSyncGrrl was AWESOME to read.

I still have a little soft spot in my heart for Lamblove and just read Lance's autobiography the other day. I just tell my little sister that "at least my boy band knew how to dance".

Fandom - if you're not a little embarrassed you're just not reading the right fics.

(Deleted comment)
Here's fic that'll snare you with funny: A Natural Reaction to Roughhousing and if that doesn't suit, try one with end of the worldness: After.

Maybe this new Merlin fic by dsudis will lessen your distress? :)

"were you all raised by popslashers" is the best accusation ever.