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fiction should not be this stressful

I feel like there should be a fic panic button, where small droids appear and offer you tranquilizers when you finish the first round of edits and realize that the story is now completely not the same as the one you sent the first time and have to send it off again to the betas with words like "you told me it needed more x!" to blame them and not yourself for having some kind of midnight epiphany that in the cold, hard light of day you realize was possibly merely a stomach complaint. Especially when you didn't exactly do more x, but added y, z, fifteen pages and a massage that despite your best efforts and the addition of wine did not end in sex.

(I actually kind of wanted to beat something. Coitus interruptus is not pleasant even by proxy.)

To say that I feel vaguely fictionally schizophrenic is to understate the case. I could have been a knitter. Knitters do not angst over comma placement and the entire history of cavalry. Nor do they try to read translations of Xenophon for plot points.

(They also aren't reading Catullus for context. Just look at that sentence. There is no part of me that doesn't want to cry that I'm being serious. And I never was a classics girl.)

ETA: *Grins* I bow to the knitters who have explained their gauge stress. I crochet. I feel your pain. I just never had to get a Latin dictionary while I crochet. Though now I am kind of afraid there are, in fact, knitters and crocheters who in fact do use classic Latin patterns and I may just have to die.
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