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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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merlin recs, wow, this is a lot of posts on it
children of dune - leto 1
Yes, I know, more recs, but if I stop, I will backlog again and it will be like, ten posts in a row or something, so.

Merlin recs! I am sure this is new and surprising to everyone.

Untitled Five Things Fic by winterlive, Merlin/Arthur - in the spirit of full disclosure, she wrote it off my prompt, and it is so adorable and also, can I get a toaster for pimping her into Merlin? She admits I beat her up and everything. My knuckles hurt. I deserve a toaster.

Fall From the Earth by torakowalski, Merlin/Arthur - I love how Arthur finds out and how it's possibly the least importnat thing that happens in that cave, even though it is the most important. Wonderfully done.

Those Things That Change Us by anna_zee, Merlin/Arthur - Merlin struggles with grief and Arthur struggles to work out how best to respond to it. Its' a wonderful view of both characters.

Pavlov Penis by derryere, Merlin/Arthur - you really have to read this, in which Merlin falls in love with Arthur's bed and Arthur thinks he could be falling in love with laundry detergent, and later, Merlin offers Arthur sheep. No, seriously, read this.

What You Carry With You by ras_fic, Merlin/Arthur - this twist on the Arthur finds out is both sad and for the fugure, if not the present, is hopeful. And it's beautiful, and it hurts, and the worst part is, you know it has to be this way for now.

If Wishes Were Horses by takadainmate, Merlin/Arthur - to say that Arthur does not quite understand how to express appreciation is an understatement the size of Australia. And Merlin's very patient and very drunk.

The History of Two Conversations by takadainmate, Merlin/Athur - I mislabeled this one or something and then couldn't remember the title and so, finally, found it yay! There's a magic book. There is Arthur finding out. And then there's the story of how that works out. This is fantastic.

And now tripping off to re-read it. *happy*

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Oooh, recs. *runs off to read fics instead of textbooks*

I have your merlin recs tagged bookmarked on my blackberry because I know I can get porn on the run - I have trust issues with non-recced fic. Best. Thing. Ever.
Yesterday I read something where Arthur a)checked is watch b)stepped into the shower and used tea-tree shower gel before heading off to the jousting tournament.

Heh. Well, they do have *tomatoes* in Camelot. Why not tea-trees?

asdlkjfadskf you're right. I keep wanting to make this big, self important post on history:ur doin it wrong - ARTHUR'S ARMOUR, OMG, I CAN NOT DEAL - but then I realize that I don't care. Eat another bologna sandwich, Merlin, go on.

YAYE! I need things that won't cause me to try to set things on fire with my braen.

Again with the awesome recs! You are compromising my working moral.

Yay! Merlin recs. That's my day of virtuous productivity gone for good *g*.

*grabs you and twirls you around* I don't even need to get off my lazy butt to find new Merlin fics, you do it for me...and then you reccccccccccccccc them*G* you are doing a very important/not to be interrupted/vital for the survival nation work with these recs, keep up the good work, missy!!

I can't believe that it took over a decade in fandom for me to read my first story with the phrase "pavlov penis".

Oh Merlin, never change.

I have no intention of complaining about lots of amazing recs. Other than, you know, them being all alluring and distracting and whatnot, but at least I know that while I am being not very worthwhile, it will be in the pursuit of reading good fic rather than eye-searing and brain-bleach-worthy fic.

Yay more recs!

Thanks for including my story, I'm glad you liked it. Especially considering, you know, all those comfort recs you posted last week woke the darn bunny up and made it eat my brain.

thank you so much for these! :)

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