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sga meta rec - and then, randomly, there was a STARGATE: ATLANTIS Fandom Primer on your flist
john is really pretty
Fine, so it is my day for posting links.

and then, randomly, there was a STARGATE: ATLANTIS Fandom Primer on your flist. by bookshop, in which she tells a terrifying amount of truth about a not-so-great-show and the fandom that is the equivalent of a Grateful Dead concert.

Also, this.

Certain fics are written entirely in mathematics. Certain fics are written entirely in made up languages. Certain fics are structured around theoretical physics. It's not that you never see these things in other fandoms, but SGA is the only fandom that sees them on such a consistent and pervasive level.

And sometimes, we did all three at once.

I also call it how astolat made me google freaking unsolvable math problems on a regular basis. And let me say, for no other fandom would I read The Elegant Universe nor make sense of it by slashing quantum physics with relativity while reading and finding the quarks named Top and Bottom proof of Sheppard/McKay's true love.

And then there's entanglement theory, which one horrible day I sat up and thought "I hate math. When did this become my life? And where the fuck are the numbers in this equation? And why am I excited some guy in Jerusalem solved the Road Colouring Problem?"

(Please don't ask. Just know I bought a box of colored pens and toothpicks and tried to model it three-dimensionally and I have no fucking clue what you do with that. It's pretty though, in three colors that always know where they're going, if they don't know where they've been.)

Thank you SGA. You have totally screwed me for life.

Yes, for me it was the fandom where I thought "Fuck, I hate math. Wait, maybe I can make Rodney a musician!"

I sometimes think half the reason SGA had such a bountiful market of AUs was in fact terror.

I &hearts this fandom so unreasonably much, there kind of aren't words. :-)

SGA is made of terrifying, crackifying awesome.

A fandom that can have both fic about theoretical physics and people as girl scout cookies has got to be some kind of milestone.

This. And as plants. And as a unicorn and a rainbow.

Oh SGA. You rock my world.

There are so many awesome things about SGA fandom. ♥

But why can no one say anything good about it these days without harping on about how awful they think the show is? I'm so fucking tired of that. :-(

*hugs you* SGA was fun to watch. And had some good eps.

on the bright side, you are not alone.

it's like a cult. a friendly, non-invasive cult that is scattered randomly around the world and is made up of people who spend their lunch-hours googling obscure russian composers, military strategy, cookie recipes, norse mythology and unsolvable math problems, all for research in the same fic.

Oh my God the truth in that.

My life flashed before my eyes.

I just went to stare at my webpage and reflect the amount of time I spent researching whether C-4 mixed with salt could kill Cthulhu and Ancients. And the one where I mapped the entirety of the southwest US and Mexico.

SGA - the fandom that taught me research. So. Much. Research. And that doesn't even count the stuff I read to understand other people's fic.

This was the most awesome of awesomes. Thanks for the rec.

I bought a book at Barnes and Noble called "The little book of Mathematical Principles."



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(Deleted comment)
I'm currently working on a Big Brother AU.

I think I have nothing to add to this conversation.

*falls over and dies laughing*

Thank you SGA. You have totally screwed me for life.

But in such a good way. *g* I, for one, will always enjoy Crimes Against Humanity and Teacher's Pet and Rain Gods and damn, pretty much everything you've written in this fandom.

Hey, it's cool, I had to re-learn cosmology and particle physics. Nothing wrong with that, aside from my brain exploding.

Someone once said SGA was the little black dress of fandom... it's in everyone's closet, and can be accessorized for any occasion. Just like McShep.

As to the crack... I seem to remember ice cubes at one point.

SGA made me google M-theory. and I'm an English major who writes obscure essays on Shakespeare.*headdesks* yeah. also, your Crimes against humanity brought out my heretofore undiscovered love for psychopaths in love ??*says with a wavering voice* god*facepalms*

road coloring what?


"In graph theory the road coloring theorem, known until recently as the road coloring conjecture, deals with synchronized instructions. The issue involves whether by using such instructions, one can reach or locate an object or destination from any other point within a network (which might be a representation of city streets or a maze)....
This theorem also has implications in symbolic dynamics."

Argh, I hate not understanding stuff!

I think I need to blame you.

SGA allowed me to be able to proudly show my love for Neil deGrasse Tyson and people finally UNDERSTOOD :)