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Meta Recs: Once More, With Links

A couple of Several posts I ran across regarding the outing of coffeeandink and assorted context to current discussions.

Shorter Kathryn Cramer by zvi_likes_tv gathers summary, argument, denoucement, and brilliance into a brick to beat the hell out of ignorance. Also a ton of good links and context to what's been going on.

Shetterly & Cramer: Once More, With Failing by vito_excalibur, which I am recommending for being both incredibly good and funny and very, very true. Basically, anyone who starts out with xkcd is already in a winning position, and she makes some interesting points about the shift of media and book culture and also some great links.

Cultural Appropriation and SF/F: Once More, With Apathy by shewhohashope on conversational redirections, internet pseudonymity, and basically everything. Also, links.

Also for those that have been thinking of the implications of Cramer and Shetterly's blatant outing of an dissenting voice as a form of punishment and silencing opposition, PSA: Protecting Your Pseudonymity by tacky_tramp has some practical advice.

I know that a post about You and Your Online Life and Times went around last year around this time, so if I can remember what it was and where I saw it, I'll post that too. I could swear it was astolat that posted it, but my memory is not what sane people call good unless it relates to obscure fic about Clark's penis (God, that I could forget).

Yes, the antibiotics are indeed kicking in, and I have a lot of reading to catch up on here.

ETA: par_avion found the post by astolat about the outing with more practical tips for pseudonym protection.
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