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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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psa: Racefail: Once More, With Misdirection by Coffeeandink
children of dune - leto 1
RaceFail: Once More, with Misdirection by coffeeandink. Read. Every. Word.

In a twist I'm sure Kathryn Cramer finds righteous and deeply clever--maybe she'll talk about putting on airs next?--coffeeandink's RL name was outed in that woman's blog. I'm going to quote cofax7's reaction, since she says it best.
More RaceFail: This is what happens when you stick up for your principles. The fundamental law in online discourse, particularly in fandom, is that you do not out people. But Will Shetterly (whose writing I used to enjoy) and Kathryn Cramer (who has written meaningfully in the pursuit of government accountability) think it's more important to cast blame, to assert grudgewank, than to analyze arguments. I don't care what you think about RaceFail 09, or if you're tired of it or whatever. But this is the establishment striking back at the online community, this is the frenzy of disparagement by people tied to a failing model. And this is why pseudonymity is So Fucking Important.

Fuck you, Will Shetterly. And fuck you, too, Kathryn Cramer. I will not link to you. -- link

I think that encapsulates it nicely. Read coffeeandink's complete entry on what's happened so far, because at this point, God knows what is going to happen next.

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Ooooh, my first pingback! How cool!

God knows what is going to happen next.

Word. The arguments Cramer in particular is using are so void of understanding of the context of this discussion. It's nice however to see that a pro-SF fandom fixture like james_nicoll is commenting on it. Since you know damn well nobody on Making Light is going to say anything.

I removed Making Light from my reading for good. For all I care, that blog can vanish into the ether. I'd be utterly shocked if at any time they thought, huh, maybe we should rethink this bit. Truth, I'm not even freaking surprised. Shocked, yes. Surprised, no. And just--just angry. It's the practical freaking defintion of SF's continuing ability to be a genre based on the future and living in the past.

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Outrageous! Thanks for the link!

It just totally floored me when I saw the link to it and read it. I hope this goes everywhere.

Why are they doing this to coffeeandink? It's just insane.

She dared to criticize them. Apparently, that's not allowed.

No, wait, I misspoke. She dared to criticize Shetterly's wife and Shetterly and Cramer's friends the NHs. And others with whom they associate on both professional and personal bases.

I suspect more damage has been done in defending others in this whole imbroglio than in defending one's self.

Edited at 2009-03-02 07:42 pm (UTC)

Jesus FUCKING Christ. Any desire I ever had to know/be involved/more aware of mainstream sci-fi is GONE GONE GONE.

This is truly detestable behavior.

You might want to read Junot Diaz's The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. It's a response to racism, colonialism, and the genre. Among many other things.

User meret referenced to your post from WTF! saying: [...] Shetterly and Kathryn Cramer have outed 's real name over a discussion about race. Find out more here. [...]

These people make me so angry I want to throw up. Every time I think they've scraped the bottom of the barrel they dive deeper. Fuck them both with a chainsaw.

It's kind of unbelievable, like they are attempting to see who can go lowest.

While I was not raised in mainstream SF&F fandom, I was raised by SF&F fen. I went to several conventions when young and I spent my teenage years running logistics for art show at local conventions.

And there's a reason I've always maintained that while fandom may be home to me, I'll never fucking live there. This kind of shit? This is part of it. This is a huge part of it.

It's going to be very, very difficult not to punch any of these people in the face the next WorldCon I'm at. I'm not even a violent person and it's going to very fucking difficult. I'll probably simply do what I always do when I have nothing civil to say and the urge to commit violence: I will shun. But even that'll be fucking hard to stick to.

(Frankly, I'm stunned that this is still ongoing -- and that it is somehow managing to sink to even lower levels yet. What the fucking hell. Congratulations, folks, you're managing to stun people who are already cynical about your behaviour at this point. That's... quite the achievement there!)

*twitches* Yes, this. It's just--boggling. And they just keep going.

I'm seriously starting to think those people are nuts. They can't really believe that everyone in online fandom who doesn't publicly disclose their RL identity is a slavering troll. What in God's name are they trying to accomplish with all this douchebaggery? *frustration hands*

I think it's punishment, tbh. There's no other explanation.

Shetterly & Cramer: Once More, With Failing

User vito_excalibur referenced to your post from Shetterly & Cramer: Once More, With Failing saying: [...] they are blogging less, they won't come to cons anymore because they don't feel safe, they are not reading science fiction anymore, they'll definitely never want to write it. This is fantastic! Pretty soon sf will just be us and our six ... [...]

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