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psa: Racefail: Once More, With Misdirection by Coffeeandink

RaceFail: Once More, with Misdirection by coffeeandink. Read. Every. Word.

In a twist I'm sure Kathryn Cramer finds righteous and deeply clever--maybe she'll talk about putting on airs next?--coffeeandink's RL name was outed in that woman's blog. I'm going to quote cofax7's reaction, since she says it best.
More RaceFail: This is what happens when you stick up for your principles. The fundamental law in online discourse, particularly in fandom, is that you do not out people. But Will Shetterly (whose writing I used to enjoy) and Kathryn Cramer (who has written meaningfully in the pursuit of government accountability) think it's more important to cast blame, to assert grudgewank, than to analyze arguments. I don't care what you think about RaceFail 09, or if you're tired of it or whatever. But this is the establishment striking back at the online community, this is the frenzy of disparagement by people tied to a failing model. And this is why pseudonymity is So Fucking Important.

Fuck you, Will Shetterly. And fuck you, too, Kathryn Cramer. I will not link to you. -- link

I think that encapsulates it nicely. Read coffeeandink's complete entry on what's happened so far, because at this point, God knows what is going to happen next.
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