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origin recs - how i found my drug of choice
children of dune - leto 1
The single most effective thing I've done so far is wander into the bathroom about once an hour, soak a washcloth with hot water, get the menthol-camphor stuff out, and sit down with that over my face until the heat stops hurting, at which time back to the hot water. It's like the best thing ever. To say that menthol is my new favorite scent is to underestimate my love of it. It clears things like you have no idea.

You know, then it goes away, as things do. But man. very nice.

So, this set of recs is different. It's not usual I get a chance to really mull my fannish origin fic, or the fic that made the difference between a fandom being read-only or read/write (or nonficcish at all). For the first, Chuck, Supernatural, and Due South (with some writing, granted); for the second, those end up the fandoms I hang around for a while. I don't know specifically what works for me and what doesn't to this day, but in retrospect, it's usually fic that flips the switch between "this is an interesting show and interesting fic" and "I feel obsessive now, kthx".

So, for your consideration, my origin fic: the ones that flipped interest to fannishness.

Mount Badon by brown_betty, gen, read Dec 13, 2008 - the first thing that struck me about this one was the fact it was futurefic and that I hadn't yet seen the show, but I had no problem identifying both the Arthurian legend I recognized and the variations that I didn't. Basically, this is where I said oooh:
"I shall inform--" begins Arthur, in attempt to recapture their conversational thread, but this time interrupts himself. "Are you cutting it off?"

"Some great prat seems to have mashed the buckle, so yes I am," his servant informs him, and he does seem to be sawing at the leather strap with a knife. Then he looks up, and flashes a smile past Coveros, at Vedica. "That was you with the stasis spell, right? That was tremendously clever, I wish I could figure out how you did it."

Vedica freezes, and a moment later, as he realizes who this servant must be, so does Coveros. Vedica stutters, after a moment, "It's-- it's a slowing of certain, um, biological-- for difficult pregnancies, you see, sometimes, to stop her from bearing early, it's--" and he's heard her explain this dozens of times already, so he knows she's just clamped her mouth shut on "very useful in lambing time."

At the time, the dialogue between Arthur and Merlin completely fascinated me. I wanted to know more about this!

Onfindan by astolat, Merlin/Arthur, read January 10, 2009 - between brown_betty and this story was Christmas and Chuck, along with some faintly traumatizing Dean/Castiel (I cannot tell you how funny it is to me to see so many writers who were into Dean/Castiel showing up in Merlin; I check my log at the author list and just shake my head in wonder) and a couple of other things, but suffice to say I'd seen most of the eps by this point (I think) and went to read this one. This one I loved a lot for a variety of reasons, not least of which was Merlin tripping between places with magic, fighting legendary beasts until it becomes almost blase, and poor Merlin becoming a councilor and wondering why he's being punished with such a thing.

House of the Rising Sun by dvswraatins, Merlin/Arthur, read January 10, 2009 and just. Loved. There's a lot I could say about ghosts and coincidence and kingship, but mostly, it makes me laugh and that's what I love about it best.

And that's when I started having a window open to http://delicious.com/tag/merlin permanently.

In closing: God do I love menthol. I laso now have lotion/vicks tissue, so my life is almost complete.

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Things I hate about you: That you are still 12 times more coherent than I am on a good day. *SULKS*

I have decided to embark upon a hate campaign. HATE!

(ending btw, just on time to live action roleplay badfic!)

This campaign starts with carebear fic. ARTHUR ALL FUZZY WITH A TINY BEAR SIZED SWORD. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT.

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His crown would be all tilted with one ear in and one ear out! And merlin! OMG MERLIN. He'd be all SPARKLY BEAR.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
You have to see the show. The fic really does not overstate it.

*dies* Really? Okay, if I could flush right now, I would. That's excellent. I like knowing my recs bring people to the dark side to new fandoms!

(Deleted comment)
No joke. It was funny. We left Chicago in snow on Sunday and in Texas it was like, fifty at Bergstrom. We're both gripping our coats feeling naked because we'd been in three to four layers *plus* coat since Thursday. *g*

Just wanted to say that I've been really enjoying those of your recs that I hadn't already read and had to smile at these because they were all my origin fics too. I have mad love for all of them but the relationships in "House of the Rising Sun" just get me every time.

Sorry the congestion is still awful. Do you have Olbas Oil in the U.S.? It's a kind of menthol thing that you can drip on to tissues and therefore wander round in a cloud of camphory fumes.

Hot curries also work!

I want that Olbas Oil. I am going proactively shopping for stuff as soon as this clears up, because God knows, having it at hand seems to be needed.

I am enjoying reading your rec posts so much, you have no idea. I mean, I'm not getting anything done, but that's my problem.

Lavender oil is my favorite when I'm sick. I rub it under my nose and on my chest and it works wonders.

Lavender oil? I have some lavender bath oil. Hmm. I never thought of using it.

Thank you for that first rec - I hadn't seen it before!!

I'm glad menthol is helping. *plumps up pillows for you*

*hugs you* Have fun in LA!

Arthur is one of my OTF's (one True Fandoms) and now you're making me read Merlin fic and I haven't seen the damn show . . .

I have a shelf that looks like I looted the Arthurian lore section of the Bodelian . . . and the first DVD burn of Excalibur.

Arthurian legend was Harry Potter to me when I was 10, which is why I took to Star Wars (oh hey, the sword, the wizard, the knight, the princess) like an addict to crack.

Got any more recs?

Re: I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Do I have more recs.... *g*

Start with astolat here and then my rec tag here. For incredible fun, go straight to syllic's Three Tasks which is like, freaking amazing fun.

You have to see the show. it's like Arthurian legend meets a blender meets a room of drunk slashers. And Arthur is so pretty it hurts to look at him too long.

Re: I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

I just remembered--I can send you my log link and the rec list in it if you want it by email if you want a flat list of links. It's on del.icio.us, i just don't associate it with seperis since it's a bulk reading log as well as where I store my recs.

Re: I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, do you need the show?

(Yes, I am in fact full court pimping you in here. I love your work. I want more.

ooooh. merlin/author + GHOSTS AND HUMOR? *snatches rec and runs off* :D


I take plain massage oils and add oil concentrates to them. Right now I have rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus oils in various bottles in my shower. The labels invariably wear off, so I only know what I'm using once I pour some on a washcloth and put it on my face and let the hot water beat down. And frankly, anyone of them will wash the stress of the day away, if I'm sick or not. :)

Okay, that combo must be amazing. You know, that kind of makes me want to go buy some just for the future. I have allergies in general, and the scents help immensely.

I have also spent all week sick in bed, and have been very much appreciating the supply of reading material. Thank you.

*bows* If it was the comfort to you that it was to me, I'm so glad. Basically, Merlin made my weekend bearable.

I have a friend from France who brings/sends us pure menthol in a stick form. This is not a bit of menthol - it's 100% pure and comes in a little wooden container. You can rub it on your forehead (for headaches) or wherever needs soothing. It's wonderful. (One has to watch not to rub the eyes though - it burns!)

I'm not sure if it's available anywhere but Europe - I haven't seen it in Canada, but it's wonderful stuff.

That sounds addictive. I may look and see if we have some of that. I'll have to look around.

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