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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so curiosity poll, it being only five months away
children of dune - leto 1
So, for those attending VVC, would anyone be interested in a Merlin party on Saturday night in me and svmadelyn's room, circa 10:30ish or so? I also wanted to say, and a competitive game of create a Merlin drinking game, but God knows where that might end up. And by God knows, I mean, the second floor lounge with a laptop reading bad Merlin fic and traumatizing anyone who walks by. That's where it usually ends up. Not that anyone here, I'm sure, participated in that last year? With the live action performance of certain key scenes while drinking gin straight from the bottle?

Comment here if interested so svmadelyn and I will get some idea if anyone wants to play.

Ooh, absolutely! I would be there with bells silly hat on.

*glee* Hats are totally a plus.

I absolutely DEMAND live action roleplaying badfic. I'll even pitch in booze money.

Remember how we sang "Sorry?"


I'm in. And if done right I can play the Slash Dragon attempting to tapdance.

So we should have a lot of alcohol, yes?

*starts list*

I will love you forever and ever and ever.

Merlin's awesome must be spread.

And by God knows, I mean, the second floor lounge with a laptop reading bad Merlin fic and traumatizing anyone who walks by.

Also, TO BE FAIR, some people saw us, did some mentally scarring math and RAN. Wusses.

Wusses totally. THIS TIME WE SHALL GET EVERYONE DRUNK FIRST and so trap them.

I never know where my brain is on VVC Saturday night in advance but at least in theory I am up for Merlin hijinks and I suspect I will inevitably end up traumatized in the lounge at SOME point. :P

*bounces* It's terrifying to realize how traditional its become for Saturday night to end up drinking while reading terrifying fic.

Very tempting -- I'll be torn between karaoke and Merlin, and will have to make a *gasp* decision.

It will be, I think after karaoke, if we got hte times right. But coming later is good as well!

(Deleted comment)
Yes, the first part. The second part can be doen later in the lounge.

*now wishes she was going to VVC, as this alone would be worth the trip* ;_;

I am looking forward to drinking every time someone says destiny. Probably won't last past the pilot.

Oh. ohhh. Saturday night is after premieres! Oh. I think so, yes.

*glee* Merlin is love. And slash. Dear God the slash.

*raises hand*


Dude, I'm there.

I'm also a CRAZY PERSON, so you know. For a room party I might be tappable for baked goods and/or other cookery. Or something. Expect terrifying levels of cookery for being out of town in a hotel. (Okay, look, if I'm being a crazy person odds are good jmtorres will get dragged along; two people can do A LOT, okay?)

OH YES PLZ. Your cookery is awesome.

hehehhehehe. Count me in!

excited vvc virgin here!

I'd be interested! I have no shame and will act out anything anyone wants. well, almost. :)