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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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yes, i know, recs
children of dune - leto 1
More recs. Yes, I know, but in my defense, I'm finally making headway in clearing my rec this list.

Room 20 by astolat, Merlin/Arthur, modern(ish) - My first love in any fiction is a mystery, and this is a mystery and a long-waited homecoming both. But mostly, I think when the world is ready to start over again, this is how it will begin. And Merlin almost made me want to cry, I was so relieved for him. In other words, this is one thousand words, but it's so, so much longer.

We'll Play in the Night Time by green_postit - Merlin/Arthur, modern AU. You know, I can't put my finger on what about it appeals to me--wait. I can. It's very, very hot. Also, my kink for jealousy is showing.

a tree and a bee and a flea, fiddle-dee-dee by oxoniensis, Merlin/Arthur - or, Merlin's plans can be excessively odd and wrong and still so much fun.

First Night by penknife, Merlin/Arthur/Gwen (sort of) - the night after Uther's death. I like this particular view of the future.

*sniffles pathetically* I am not fond of head congestion. This kind of thing should have been cured by modern medicine, trufax.

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I'm appreciating this recs a lot. A LOT. Just so you know.:)

(Deleted comment)
I know you're sick, and that totally sucks, but your recs these past few days have kept me so entertained and in such a state of joy I feel guilty know *hugs*

*g* Don't feel guilty! I'm glad I had something to do that distracted from my head hurting and that was useful to others.

I tend to lurk, but I needed to come out of hiding to say that pretty much all of your recs make me sit up and go "How the hell did I miss THAT???" Like the fashion AU. OMG where was I?

So thank you, and that being said, I hope the head congestion of doom clears up soon =(

That one shocked me too when I found it. I was like WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE OR THE LAST TWO MONTHS OF READING????? *g*

[pets stuffy-headed seperis]

"I'm looking for material or evidence suggesting the use of enchantments." Arthur turned away and began walking up the stairs to Merlin's room, carefully not listening to Gaius and Merlin talk in low urgent tones beneath him. He had a good idea what they were discussing, but he had no intention of making this easier. In his opinion, Merlin could do with a good scare.

He looked around as he opened the door wide, and stared at the book laying on the floor by the bed, in plain sight, surrounded by dirty shirts.

One of these days, he really was going to have to beat some sense into Merlin's head. Also, he sighed, looking around at the rest of the room, some neatness. The place was a sty.

Well, this was too good. "Merlin, come here," he called, and tried not to let his grin show in his voice. "Look what I found."

Merlin climbed the stairs with haste, and Arthur quickly wiped the smirk off his face and ignored him. "I found a place where you can put things. It's called a cupboard." He didn't roll his eyes at Merlin's huff of nervous laughter, just slammed the cupboard door shut and stalked off to the far side of the room. Then he spent a minute staring at bits and bobs and picking up things and looking underneath them, turning his back and deliberately *not* looking towards Merlin, the book, the bed, or the shirt that drifted silently down off of the blankets to cover it with Merlin standing still and too far away.

When he was fairly sure the coast was clear, he turned around and looked under the bed. The book was mostly covered. Good enough.

He wandered around a little more, just to enjoy the sight of Merlin shifting awkwardly and pretending to be unworried. Then he sighed and left, because as much fun as this was, he still had half the castle to search before sundown and hopefully he'd put enough of a scare into Merlin to be effective. Merlin was an idiot, but he was Arthur's idiot, and the only person who was going to execute Merlin was Arthur. Probably *for* being an idiot.

"How long do you think it may be before you find a cure?" he asked Gaius curtly.

"Depends how many interruptions I get," Gaius said tartly, not as young or as easily spooked as Merlin, and Arthur nodded in acknowledgement.

"Of course. Sorry." He looked around at his men. "We're finished here."

Gaius shut the door behind him just a little too quickly, and Arthur permitted himself a small, private grin as he led his force to the next set of rooms. It was going to be a long--and, he suspected, frustratingly fruitless day, and he planned to take his amusements where he could.

*giggles hysterically* I still love Arthur's lecture to Merlin on neatness. For some reason, that scene has always been one of my favorites in the show.

I'm glad you liked it. I've always thought that Arthur knew exactly what Merlin was doing there. I mean, he STANDS WITH HIS BACK TO MERLIN, for crying out loud. There's no way he missed the big Book O'Magic laying on the ground in plain sight right in front of his nose. But Arthur being Arthur, he'd enjoy winding up Merlin more than turning him in.

I just found out I missed--by, like, HOURS, the signup for box of magic. [sniffles] I was so looking forward to it, too. I was gonna try and do my Arthur-exile one. And instead I am stupid and lame and thought that the deadline was later in march. [sigh]



[spins in circles]

[grins sheepishly]

Je suis LOSER! (And omg this means I've actually committed myself to getting this damn thing done. And not just in my head! On paper! Ttyped!)


[is scared]

You can do it! *encourages*

"Mount from the left," Arthur said patiently, and Merlin looked up and up at the huge horse in front of him.

"Why?" he said, trying to figure out the reins as he crossed under the horse's neck, tangling them around his wrist and around the horse's head and eventually just giving up and dropping them on the ground. Arthur picked them up and thumped him in the head. "Ow."

"Never let go of the reins," Arthur said, less patiently, and Merlin appreciated the trouble, he really did, but honestly, what use did he have to ride? Arthur seemed to enjoy hunting on foot, and eventually he'd have magic to move him around. He stared at the other side of the horse. It didn't look noticeably different.

He put a foot in the stirrup and Arthur pushed it down. "Other foot," he said. Merlin put the other foot in the stirrup. "Good. Now, pull yourself up."

Merlin pulled. He pulled some more. He pulled a little, and tried to push with his foot. The horse snorted when his toe dug into it's side, and pulled away. Merlin lost his balance and ended up flat on his back, one foot caught in the stirrup, his other leg between the horse's hind legs.

Arthur *and* the horse were now glaring at him. Merlin had never seen a horse glare before.

"Wow." Arthur disentangled his foot and dragged him away from the horse. Merlin didn't argue. "You really are an idiot."

"Is that it?" Merlin said hopefully, still laying limp. If he played dead, maybe he'd get out of it.

"No," Arthur said heartlessly. He pulled Merlin up, shoved him at the horse, and basically threw him onto it's back. Merlin clutched at the reins and the mane and the saddle and anything else that would keep him from falling off. The horse snorted and yanked the reins away, and Merlin toppled off.

"I don't think this is a good idea," Merlin said to the dirt. His nose hurt. He'd landed face-first.

"Merlin. You're going to learn to ride if it kills you," Arthur said with a surprising degree of calm. He kicked Merlin in the thigh. Then the horse stepped on his ankle.

Merlin sighed and accepted his doom.

Oh Merlin. *pets him gently* Be strong! Don't die! YOU WILL NEED THESE SKILLS, YO!

I am loving your rec posts, because I keep reading through the stories and going, "How in the world did I miss these awesome stories in the first place?"

Hope your head congestion will go away and you'll feel better soon.

I have the same reaction every time I find a new story like HOW DID I MISS THIS OMG? There's just too much good Merlin fic.

I am very sorry you're sick, but I can't help but love the Merlin recs that result. Here, have a Bradley, and feel better.

*grins* Thankyou! And I hope the recs bring joy.

Someone told me you recced one of my stories and I just popped in to say thank you so much. It's incredibly flattering that you enjoy my work, haha.

And I know what you mean about the jealousy kink, haha. I seem only capable of writing possessive/jealous!Arthur, haha. Glad to know I'm not alone!

Anytime! And man, yes, that jealousy kink does it for me totally.

Thanks for all the merlin recs lately. I'm still newish to the fandom and not bold enough yet to read fics by writers I am sometimes unfamiliar with.

I'm glad I could help! I know the feeling. New fandoms == adventures! Sometimes ones you kind fo wish you could block out of your memory.

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