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yes, i know, recs

More recs. Yes, I know, but in my defense, I'm finally making headway in clearing my rec this list.

Room 20 by astolat, Merlin/Arthur, modern(ish) - My first love in any fiction is a mystery, and this is a mystery and a long-waited homecoming both. But mostly, I think when the world is ready to start over again, this is how it will begin. And Merlin almost made me want to cry, I was so relieved for him. In other words, this is one thousand words, but it's so, so much longer.

We'll Play in the Night Time by green_postit - Merlin/Arthur, modern AU. You know, I can't put my finger on what about it appeals to me--wait. I can. It's very, very hot. Also, my kink for jealousy is showing.

a tree and a bee and a flea, fiddle-dee-dee by oxoniensis, Merlin/Arthur - or, Merlin's plans can be excessively odd and wrong and still so much fun.

First Night by penknife, Merlin/Arthur/Gwen (sort of) - the night after Uther's death. I like this particular view of the future.

*sniffles pathetically* I am not fond of head congestion. This kind of thing should have been cured by modern medicine, trufax.
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