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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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to explain
children of dune - leto 1
Ah, that lovely hit of adrenaline during VVC registration is always welcome while I frantically forget my real name, address, and sometimes, how to read.

Completed at 11:01 PM. I can't be the only one that counts by the second, can I?

ETA: Cap was reached in four freaking minutes. This can only be beat by next year teh entire process is directly done by telepathy.

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I got mine in! omg! [flails] And I almost forgot my apartment number, so I feel you on that one.

<== apartment number isn't even a number, it's a letter. [facepalm] But still, you know. Got it right! Eventually.

*still in panic-mode* Dude, I was like WHAT IS MY SURNAME for a massive five seconds there.


Oh boy. Honey, I got rather strategically drunk about an hour ago. So when I saw the post appear on my flist, I leisurely went to their form and filled it out with careful attention paid to spelling and grammer (which isn't much, you know, in a form), and wondered casually "gosh, *where* do I live again?" and hit submit. So, you know.

dorky Shine is a dork...

...I forgot to drink some rum. Going to take care of that right now. It is...soothing for the throat. Or so I have made up.

[giggles like mad]

Hot toddy! boiling water, brandy, honey. Seriously. It will *remake your world.* And then call me, and I'll giggle at you in person, because whee! Vanilla vodka is lovely.

And, wait. I am confused, now.

You mean, your surname *isn't* "Shine's comment-fic pimp"? Because I just assumed it was.


I might have actually written that. *horrified*


Well, I'm sure they'll understand. I volunteer to write them all a comment-fic to explain the utter appropriateness of the title to them.

(Deleted comment)
That is totally something I would do. *facepalm* I feel her pain.

Dude, MOVING MADE ME WASTE PRECIOUS TIME! I HAD TO EXPLAIN STUFF. *sulks* I finished at 12:02. I better be in.

Cap was 12:04 or just before. I am boggling.

I am being a pessimist and adding in the time it took for her realize and to make that post. I WILL NOT BE TRULY HAPPY TILL I AM CONFIRMED.

And then I can freak out about roommates and travel costs.

I need a roommate! dear god, please let me get, like, five roommates so I can afford this wonderfulness...

Seriously, I was 11:02.

And I had a horrible second where I couldn't remember my name.

Like, yes, I have two names. Or 5 if you add the first/middle/last parts up.

But it's a slash con. Should not be hard to remember that I am Nora Bombay.

Which reminds me... Nora Bombay needs a middle name.

*dies* Nora Slash Dragon Bombay would totally work.

That would be fun, except it would be so fandom specific. I need a fake middle name for my fake name, but one that isn't tied to any one thing.

Nora Vodka Bombay might work.

or Nora Dachsund Bombay

or something.

Oh, tell me about it. I misspelled my first name twice.

... my first name is only four letters long, by the way.

Email showed up in my inbox at 10:02. I had to register Juls too, though, and I *really* hope I got her in on time! I had to dig out her phone number and wasted precious seconds doing so. :O

*crosses fingers* Four minutes at cap. God.

That's insane.

Except, of course, for the fact that ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY PEOPLE managed to fill out the form between 12:00am and 12:04am, which just plain impressive.

Four minutes to the cap? Damn. I'm just glad you and everyone else on my flist that wanted in got in.

Every year it just gets more like a competitive sport. Thank you!

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