Seperis (seperis) wrote,

few more recs while I mull the deliciousness of tea

deadlychameleon - I got the tea! And the double chai is utterly fantastic and surprisingly effective at clearing the sinuses as needed. These are fantastic. Thank you very much! I'm testing the packets in random order by color.

Um, to make this more relevant to fandom:

Those Deep Places by svilleficrecs - Merlin/Arthur. Arthur discovers Merlin's secret in a very sexy way. You'll see why this made my sick-reading list when you get about three-quarters in. Guh.

Water Lillies by bluebell - Merlin/Arthur, with unexpected dips in water and Totally Necessary for Survival Cuddling.

It occurs to me this may be the first fandom I have ever been in where I could create a thematic rec list devoted to cuddling.

VVC registration tonight, if anyone missed it. V. exciting.
Tags: recs: merlin
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