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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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few more recs while I mull the deliciousness of tea
children of dune - leto 1
deadlychameleon - I got the tea! And the double chai is utterly fantastic and surprisingly effective at clearing the sinuses as needed. These are fantastic. Thank you very much! I'm testing the packets in random order by color.

Um, to make this more relevant to fandom:

Those Deep Places by svilleficrecs - Merlin/Arthur. Arthur discovers Merlin's secret in a very sexy way. You'll see why this made my sick-reading list when you get about three-quarters in. Guh.

Water Lillies by bluebell - Merlin/Arthur, with unexpected dips in water and Totally Necessary for Survival Cuddling.

It occurs to me this may be the first fandom I have ever been in where I could create a thematic rec list devoted to cuddling.

VVC registration tonight, if anyone missed it. V. exciting.

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Are you going? I want to go SO BAD but I'm trying to be fiscally responsible after being laid off for eleven months. [sighs wearily] Which means I'll probably still do it, but I'll agonize over it.

If I can get in, totally. It's the one convention I refuse to miss. Plus, I love Chicago.

You're going? *hopeful*


[puts on resolute face]

If you're going, I'm going. Somehow. (If I had an icon of Arthur waving a sword and looking determined, I would totally use it.)

Also, I am deeply unnerved by your description of the second story, since I have a WIP that includes some of these elements. [looks nervous]

:-) !!

Glad to hear it arrived safe and sound!

I am quite fond of the chai. The apple is apparently new, let me know what you think...

VVC! This is the first year I've been all vid-aware, but at this rate I'll never actually try my hand at it...

Cuddling is good. Awesome, actually. Thank you for reccing! *runs off to seek some A/M cuddling*

I freaking love Merlin fandom, have I mentioned that? It's so shiny and cuddly and new!

And thanks so much for wading through all the fic so I don't have to shudder and read traumatizing crap to find the good stuff. :)

(Deleted comment)
I am a huge proponent of rec pages and recs. With teh sheer amount of fic, it's so much easier when you know where to start. I'm glad my recs are working so well for you!

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