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more merlin recs
children of dune - leto 1
This is how I know I am in the depths of despair to quote Anne Shirley in a very lame way--even dark chocolate covered espresso beans are doing nothing for me.

Okay, that's a lie. The point here is, I feel icky and wrong and my nose hurts. So recs. And not even like, depressing ones.

Poetical Days by lesserstorm - all of Camelot is infected with bad poetry. No. I mean they are infected with bad poetry. I give this a rating of three coughing fits and two gasps for air.

Springs the Wood Anew by sevenfists - Merlin/Arthur. There is kind of almost-angst? But this is Arthur. And there is a meadow. And I swear I can hear the music rise during the meadow scene. You should read this now.

How Many Miles to Babylon by lyra_wing - Merlin/Arthur. Water nymphs made them do it. Quite a bit, actually. Perhaps excessively, even, if you aren't into that sort of thing. I am very much into that sort of thing, so there is no excessive, only guh.

Wild Magic by shinetheway - Merlin/Arthur. Merlin's sorcerous fantasy life. To say that this is hot is to understate the case in a way dramatic enough to qualify for a bad Hamlet production. God do I want the sequel.

The Common Touch by lamardeuse - Merlin/Arthur. Merlin convinces Arthur to go to a fair as a normal person. Oddly, this does not end in disaster. Though you are kind of bracing yourself for it through the story. Wonderfully fun story.

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Thanks for the recs. *devours*

Are there depressing Merlin stories?

Thank you. [hugs] I really do have a sequel to that planned. I should get on that...

Thanks for the lovely recs, hon. I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy. ::gives you the good Kleenex::

Am loving the recs, sorry you are sick but grateful there is someone else out there using Merlin to distract from their bout of death!flu!plague!lurgy *coughs*

Thank you so much for these recs. I have just watched all 13 episodes of Merlin in 48 hours and was wondering where to even start to look for Merlin fics!!

Your list is a great start :)

In return here's a rec for you:

by xaritomene
Summary: Merlin, Gwen and Morgana have been "apprenticed" by Nimueh, but when Merlin falls into her bad books, he has to work as a servant in a house where he was previously a favoured member of the household. When Merlin hears of Nimueh's plan to enact some kind of revenge on the King through the King's son, he does everything he can to make sure this prince stays safe. Even if that does mean appearing the these balls as a girl and disappearing at midnight...


Feel better!

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