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more merlin recs

This is how I know I am in the depths of despair to quote Anne Shirley in a very lame way--even dark chocolate covered espresso beans are doing nothing for me.

Okay, that's a lie. The point here is, I feel icky and wrong and my nose hurts. So recs. And not even like, depressing ones.

Poetical Days by lesserstorm - all of Camelot is infected with bad poetry. No. I mean they are infected with bad poetry. I give this a rating of three coughing fits and two gasps for air.

Springs the Wood Anew by sevenfists - Merlin/Arthur. There is kind of almost-angst? But this is Arthur. And there is a meadow. And I swear I can hear the music rise during the meadow scene. You should read this now.

How Many Miles to Babylon by lyra_wing - Merlin/Arthur. Water nymphs made them do it. Quite a bit, actually. Perhaps excessively, even, if you aren't into that sort of thing. I am very much into that sort of thing, so there is no excessive, only guh.

Wild Magic by shinetheway - Merlin/Arthur. Merlin's sorcerous fantasy life. To say that this is hot is to understate the case in a way dramatic enough to qualify for a bad Hamlet production. God do I want the sequel.

The Common Touch by lamardeuse - Merlin/Arthur. Merlin convinces Arthur to go to a fair as a normal person. Oddly, this does not end in disaster. Though you are kind of bracing yourself for it through the story. Wonderfully fun story.
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