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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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comforting merlin recs as required
children of dune - leto 1
In thematic celebration of my life as a germ incubator and wishing for less congestion now, kthx:

Merlin recs! Yes, you can see how I would very naturally go this direction.

Sick Leave by waldorph wins for Best Portrayal of Miserable Sickness and How It Should Be Dealt With Like, Ever. I do not envy Merlin at all whatsoever. Not even a little. Lucky bastard.

The Route to Advancement by magog_83 for Most Fun Use of a Sort Of OC and Bonus Drunken Merlin FTW, because this is adorable and I need to wallow in adorable like you have no idea.

Oh look! And here is more!

As If You Have a Choice by fadagaski, who wins for Most Freaking Adorable Balls of Light In the Literal And Non Metaphorical Sense Ever and Oh My God How Could This Be More Adorable Unless It Involved Yarn and Kittens Frolicking In the Background. Seriously. Usually my comfort fic involves mass murder. I am pleased to report today my comfort fic is actually, y'know, adorable.

Maybe it's the congestion? IDK. Stay tuned during my slow and inevitable decline. By Sunday, pretty sure my usual ficcish homicidal tendencies will return and Merlin will take like, Gaul in Arthur's name or something. Don't say you wouldn't like it. I like just thinking about it. And Iceland. Can't forget fucking Iceland. As I continue to ponder why the fuck would anyone conquer Iceland? I'm not saying it's not a great country and all, but strategically speaking, how does one look at a map (why would Iceland even be on the map?) and say, I know, Ireland, Wales, Gaul, Spain, ooh, Iceland! Let's get that one too! In tiny boats! We have enough geometry and astronomy to not get lost and find India! Not like we don't have interior plumbing or regular baths anymore, we can totally pull off that kind of trans-Atlantic trip for a country that is by Greenland that we dont' know exists yet!

I'm sorry, this just bothers me. Take that as you will.

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Oh! Are you in need of cute and adorable? Run, do not walk, to Making the Most of Your Quarter-Life Crisis. Glee-fluff!


(Also, zombie fic the second FTW!)

I serve your zombie needs!

More to read! More cracky than shmoopy, but cute crack? Crackily cute? Clex + Conner.

(Deleted comment)
That's surprisingly logical.

Awwwwww, those are adorable. [feels all warm and fuzzy]

...wow, your icon is...


Wow, he's pretty.


[swoons dreamily at icon]

And look at this one! I got them here

OOOOOH. Thank you for the link, Shine! I have been looking and looking for good Merlin icons. \o/!

You're welcome! And dude, *your* icon. [gazes] That's lovely. I really want an icon of the White Horse of Uffington (and maybe a tattoo, even--I adore the stylized look like that).

Whoo, thank you!

This icon is actually made from a photo of the tattoo I have on my back. It's huge, covers my whole shoulderblade, and it's black. But that's an unaltered photo of my tattoo, which I adore. So thank you twice!

*rasp* Sick Leave. *cough weeze* That might be just what the doctor ordered. *sniff*

Totally. *coughing fit*

(Deleted comment)

Re: This is entirely random, but . . .

NOt random. That is why God invented wikipedia! And yes! And dear God. I remember vaguely her name on my Merovingian genealogies, but this history is completely new and exciting. *glee*

Also, welcome and hi!

Oh, these are darling. BOYS.

They are, aren't they?

If I were Merlin I'd conquer it for the magic, not the people. It would be an enclave of people who couldn't have had a great deal of exposure to others. That kind of insularity, bitter conditions, and the elements of water and wind seem to lend themselves to magic deeply rooted in nature and centuries old. I would at least reach out to that as Merlin. For Arthur--who knows why he would want that -- maybe they were a threat?

Thanks for the recs! Off to read about kittens.

(Deleted comment)
I'ts not the dating. It's Geoffrey's original chronicles show Iceland as among Arthur's conquests, which is why I mull at the randomness of it being one of the conquered nations.

(Deleted comment)
Since no one would live there for about 350 years after the date Geoffrey gives for Arthur's conquest, this would have to be characterized as "not actually history."

I am shocked to hear this. You mean the chronicles weren't one hundred percent true? I need my smelling salts. *sighs*

(Deleted comment)
and Merlin will take like, Gaul in Arthur's name or something. Don't say you wouldn't like it.

I am in love with your icon!

I like complimentary interjections! (...wow, that sounds sort of... open to misintrepretation)

Aw, thank you so much! People either don't get it or love it utterly. :D

I guess it might have been just cool to get to Iceland (or ot set out to get somewhere) just because they could? Kind of like space exploration. I actually wonder more about these tiny, tiny islands in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific that got settled first by people in canoes. At least iceland is large enough that it appears on maps.

Just stalking your journal in search of fic so I thought I'd drop in and say sorry you're sick.

As I continue to ponder why the fuck would anyone conquer Iceland?

Maybe it was an early version of the Icelandic banking crisis and the Icelanders had run off with their money. Or Merlin went a little OTT with a magical wind and they ended up there by mistake when heading somewhere else. Or maybe they were attacked by really really early Icelandic Vikings. Once you start to think about it all sorts of crackish possibilities emerge *g*.

Hope you don't mind if I friend you as I'm starting to embarrass myself with my stalkerish tendencies.

I think they would conquer Iceland because the Vikings had tales of a mysterious land beyond it, where the forests grew into heaven and the fish filled the rivers, and the people were magic. They disappeared into the undergrowth and charmed the animals and all sorts of other things. When the Vikings tried to repair their longboats, it was all they could do to hold onto a little patch of ground, and they retreated, shaken. They were glad to reach Iceland, where they only stayed a few days to replenish their supplies before sailing back home to the east.

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