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comforting merlin recs as required

In thematic celebration of my life as a germ incubator and wishing for less congestion now, kthx:

Merlin recs! Yes, you can see how I would very naturally go this direction.

Sick Leave by waldorph wins for Best Portrayal of Miserable Sickness and How It Should Be Dealt With Like, Ever. I do not envy Merlin at all whatsoever. Not even a little. Lucky bastard.

The Route to Advancement by magog_83 for Most Fun Use of a Sort Of OC and Bonus Drunken Merlin FTW, because this is adorable and I need to wallow in adorable like you have no idea.

Oh look! And here is more!

As If You Have a Choice by fadagaski, who wins for Most Freaking Adorable Balls of Light In the Literal And Non Metaphorical Sense Ever and Oh My God How Could This Be More Adorable Unless It Involved Yarn and Kittens Frolicking In the Background. Seriously. Usually my comfort fic involves mass murder. I am pleased to report today my comfort fic is actually, y'know, adorable.

Maybe it's the congestion? IDK. Stay tuned during my slow and inevitable decline. By Sunday, pretty sure my usual ficcish homicidal tendencies will return and Merlin will take like, Gaul in Arthur's name or something. Don't say you wouldn't like it. I like just thinking about it. And Iceland. Can't forget fucking Iceland. As I continue to ponder why the fuck would anyone conquer Iceland? I'm not saying it's not a great country and all, but strategically speaking, how does one look at a map (why would Iceland even be on the map?) and say, I know, Ireland, Wales, Gaul, Spain, ooh, Iceland! Let's get that one too! In tiny boats! We have enough geometry and astronomy to not get lost and find India! Not like we don't have interior plumbing or regular baths anymore, we can totally pull off that kind of trans-Atlantic trip for a country that is by Greenland that we dont' know exists yet!

I'm sorry, this just bothers me. Take that as you will.
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