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rec - the tower by astolat

First, a rec (I am contractually obligated to rec the writer that was one of the major reasons I was like "Oh my God Merlin, yes, please"):

The Tower by astolat - Merlin/Arthur, I know, new and strange, but also, I roll over and die for sexual manipulation and magical manipulation and combining those two is like teh equivalent of drowning me in delicious. The thing is, if you ever want to know the kink that is both my biggest squick and most dramatic bulletproof at the same time, it's a remix I wrote about Rodney McKay molesting John Sheppard's mind while in hologram form and okay this is not about me but is about my kinks. I haven't even feedbacked yet. I keep stopping and going Christ, Merlin because also, Merlin is not rational here and wow, who knew I had a very special button for that? Yes, shocking.

Okay, you may be surprised to see me long reccing this one, but this is because Merlin has never struck me as the most stable support for Camelot's future dominance of, by the way, half the fucking world according to Geoffrey (seriously, read and stare at a map of Arthur's empire. Alexander could have taken lessons). I love Merlin. I do not think he is a bad person. I think he has this neat little switch I like to call Override. Somehow along the way, the Override button was exclusively devoted to Arthur and so you know, in any decent complex sitch, where Arthur is anywhere in evidence, that button gets hit and Merlin kills everyone. You think I am joking. Watch the show.

The only way this works as a really terrifying device is that Merlin is actually a really good guy. He is. He like, saves puppies and stands up to bullies and worries about everyone and loves his mother. I can totally see him with a wonderful life of saving kittens and caring for old people and having like, ten kids with a good woman and bitterly protective of his friends and you know, never knowing that if he meets this bratty prince suddenly his worldview will skew in a very, very, very terrifying way. It's like someone thought dropping pure dynamite into nitroglycerin would be very stable and marvelous. This is like a really fucking bad idea or a gloriously good one. And this confirms what I have always thought of the Old Religion--they were reading Mallory and not Machiavelli and apparently didn't even know to check out Freud because they took this normal adolescent wizard with Amazing Cosmic Powers and no complicating loyalties and threw him at Arthur Pendragon of assholeness and bonus points of charisma, and said hey, have fun and make him king so we can be free again because there is no possible way you could possibly develop really strong feelings for an ultrahot asshole with a hidden core of honor who will one day be king and hey, would you like to be the one who dresses, undresses, bathes, and waits on him in highly intimate ways? That can't end in disaster!

Old Religion == never got laid, I swear to God.

So Merlin going nuts is not like, this huge stretch here. Merlin going nuts for Gaius--wow, who would have seen that coming? And having his Override hit when Arthur shows up sweaty and looking all "I am pretty and your destiny", well, no one could have seen that coming either.

So this story == oh my God yes.

Note: The only reason--and I mean, the only reason--that Uther and Mordred are alive is that in the first, Uther was not threatening Arthur directly or he would be dead and in the second, Mordred was screaming in his head for-freaking-ever and also, not a right-now threat.

Bonus: I honestly cannot figure out why the fuck the Druids did not find the fucking legendary super sorcerer of all time to bind his ass to them before dropping him into sexual confusion with Arthur. I mean, is it just me or who thought that giving Merlin absolutely no competing loyalties to anything but Arthur was a fantastic way to go about this?

(I have a theory on Arthur's eventual world conquests being much less about whee conquest and more about Merlin getting really paranoid and not liking there being like, any land anywhere that is not under his (Arthur's, same thing) direct control because of Arthur's tendency to try and die for things. It comes down to conversations that will probably go something like this: Merlin: Let's conquer Rome. Arthur: I think Britain is really enough... Merlin: Magical blowjob. Arthur: I'm surprisingly okay with conquering the world for sex. Merlin: How do you feel about Iceland? Arthur: Okay?)

ETA: I have a low grade fever and congestion just made an appearance. If this is readable, color me surprised. Also, still, oh my God love this.
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