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how to scare yourself

While I know I will never go watch this movie, I have to recommend the trailer, basically because of the song.

The Last House on the Left, 2009 release and remake of earlier 1972 release. Just get to the cover of Sweet Child o' Mine and you'll know why I went and downloaded that song as fast as humanly possible (Artist: Taken by Trees). That is freaking terrifying. I mean, the movie would scare me into peeing myself and I hate graphic visual violence and that trailer basically tells me I will never see that movie, but this is the reminder that before I am anything I am a fangirl and have been conditioned by vidders to respond to pictures set to music by hyperexamining the scene choice and trying to see what the vidder wants me to know. I will say this, the trailer succeeded in that. It tells me this is going to be gross and it will be revenge-oriented, and I don't want to know what the fuck was up with that microwave because oh my God, please.

Okay, what I found was neat as well is that the first time I saw the trailer on TV, I recognized before I saw the title what it was about, because I read about it in Wikipedia under revenge themed horror or something (wikipedia surfing: totally a drug. I know the plots to like, so many horror movies you have no idea) and it was odd, but that's why I occasionally kick ass at Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit; I store shit like this for no particular reason. Yes, I forget my cell phone constantly and three credit cards I hid from myself very successfully so I have no clue where they are, but I can recognize in the first fourteen seconds of a trailer a movie I read a summary of. There's no way to explain that.

I also find it neat on a different level that the revenge concept of horror is brought up.

Granted, people are much hotter for the other way around (aka Hostel et al, with the helpless victims and one's eventual escape and a short pause to kill the bad guy, sometimes), but one of the things that horror movies really don't do very often is justified righteous indignation rage revenge, because there's a very real part of us that get mighty uncomfy with that sort of thing. Upsets us in our moral parts or something, as it is a-okay for the slut to get it for being a slut and then the more innocent potential victims run, run, run and maybe get rid of the bad quickly, but we're not so sure the slut should rise up with a knife and cut, cut, cut her way to revenge. That's not on.

(Exception: Kill Bill, but I don't count Tarantino in the horror genre. I think he is a genre, to be honest.)

The plot summary is that girl and friend are raped and murdered (OR ARE THEY?) and the murderers cleverly get out of the rain by going to the house of the murdered (OR IS SHE?) girl's family who they do not know is the murdered girl's family (AT FIRST?) and then the girl is alive (PRETTY SURE?) and somehow stumbles home to her father and mother, who enact a really horrific revenge against the three men and one woman who are staying in their guesthouse.

And I do mean horrific. The 1972 summary twitched me very hard with the entire grand entrance of blow jobs being less blow and more teeth oriented, but the trailer (again, vidders have trained me; I can't watch and not analyze and set the plot together, so trust me when I say, holy fuck) twitched me off the scale. Which is why I downloaded a song I can't listen to when it's dark because I keep flashing back and freaking myself out. Yes, welcome to my life.

So I am not sure this is Hostel or Saw level icky, but it's up there, but in its defense, it's a husband and wife being the fist of God in a very creatively horrifying way.

(Also, one of the bad guys I could have sworn was Justin Timberlake. IMDB says this is not so. Dammit.)

The song really creeps me out now, kthx. I keep trying to move it so I can't see it in my playlist. My sanity is not what one calls stable.
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