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psa: megaupload and viruses

Heads up on a new and exciting computer virus for downloaders. Quoting from chopchica here:

chopchica: Yesterday, I went to megaupload to download a new Merlin vid. I've downloaded from megaupload a billion times and never had a problem but yesterday, I immediately ended up with the Virtumonde/Vundo trojan horse on my computer and I am *totally fucked*. From what I can see out there, a new extremely virulent version appeared yesterday. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN DOWNLOADING *ANYTHING* right now, but *especially* from megaupload! If you think you have it, turn off your internet access (*all* of it)*immediately*, because goes to the web and downloads new malware to your computer for fun.

ileliberte: Hi, coming in through surfing my f-flist. I had a Vundo trojan infection recently and the best program to deal with is Malwarebytes. go to and you can download the basic program for free. Quick scan usually gets rid of it all but run a complete one just to check up afterwards. It can run on usual startup mode, but if you want to be extra careful, run it on safe mode and it'll get rid of the trojan. Symantec unfortunately doesn't really recognize this virus. Also, beware of windows popping up that look exactly like My computer windows, be sure you don't mistakenly click anything there before you see the url.

ETA: More here from ileliberte on the virus.

ETA 2: cat_77 has some more info on AVG antivirus program here.

I'm seconding malwarebytes as a possible solution, as it's the one the tech guy at work bullied me into getting for both my work and home computer and it's caught several things that both McAfee and AdAware missed.

If anyone has any other solutions, please feel free to suggest.
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