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rec - we're a storm in someone else's teacup
children of dune - leto 1
This is only the second time I have ever recced something I haven't finished reading.

We're a Storm In Someone Else's Teacup by paperclipbitch - at this point, even if the ending is a complete letdown (which I don't think is possible), it's completely entranced me. Also, I am glad I waited until it was over, because otherwise, there would have been some serious hysterics. I'm on part 7b. I assume I will be able to breathe again eventually, but for the last few parts, so not been happening. My death by overadrenalinzed rush will be worth it.

Slow build at the beginning that's perfect in retrospect, because when it takes off, Christ, it takes off.

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Oooh, she finished it? *bounces off to seeee*

*cheers you on*

I was not patient enough to wait for it to be finished before starting to read (which is a rarity for me and WIPs), but I think I did a squee aloud when I saw the final part today.

Often, we are spoiled in this fandom :).


yeah I found that today and read the whole thing in one go, I admit it.

I was a motherfucking idiot and started reading that when only six parts were up. THERE WERE SERIOUS HYSTERICS.

I have been waiting for this to finish. *needs to go read now*

Oh yes, this story deserves to be recced no matter which chapter you are at! I followed it from the beginning and that, I think, was my mistake because I kept freaking out about the ending and worrying about Morgana :)

But my fear wasn't justified, as the ending was quite satisfying. All in all, a far more enjoyable experience than, say, definewisdom's Equilibrium, whose epilogue was a mental equivalent of being hit with a sandbag on the head and almost made me swear off reading WIPs ever again.

I can forgo actually sleeping for the next day, now. Though really - thank you for the rec. :)

It is fabulous, isn't it? Sadly, while she says there won't be any more stories in the Teaverse, she has opened it up to other writers. Jenn, *cough* you wouldn't be interested, would you? {grins innocently}

This rec? Beyond fabulous. *grin*

It's not like I was planning on getting any work done today...

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